Monday, January 11, 2010

Some words on Dr. Wilson

Numerological Superstition often drives me to great to vistas of self discovery and fun, you know, having fun with language and logic, breaking the hinges off the doors to the cages that hold our lives captive, the categories and cages, the long corridors and hallways full of caged knowledge, even the artists have their caged dogmas, wild as all the other dogmas, frothing at the mouth, uncontrolled and biting with hungry jaws. I was dragged down this corridor just now by my own shirt tails, these letters are putting thoughts into categories, mistaking the act of communication for the thing itself, but I can hang for a while down here, getting dragged past the zoological specimens and laboratory experiments littering the taxonomists storage unit 1, a huge facility built beneath Greenwich London, where all stuff and things of the Universe are made, and made whole. Well, thats unless you ever get to see the bits these wholes are knocked up out of.

For the three years since Dr. Wilson passed, a small group of scholar-activists have been piecing together parts of his work into a working general hypothesis to approximate his special species of Gorrila Ontology, and Scientific Philosophy. For me the tale of the tribe seems to be a slippery slope, trying to put the network of ideas and individuals that RAW processed over 50 years into a new paragraph that shifts the reader to a balanced state, between discovery and knowledge. And makes one smile and think again outside of the last box they thought outside of. But what else is there to be done? I would like to thank the RAW tribes across cyberspace for continuing to publishing ideas and feedback on RAW work, I am confident this feedback is what he wanted most for us to pursue, and he meant to keep us busy with these questions for a few more years.

The cosmologies of Joyce and Pound for example can make a life-long study programme for anyone interested enough to sleuth through all the criticisms, essays and annotated projects, and with a sprinkle of Dr. Wilson and his condensed – gestalt – systems for accessing the wisdom contained within each of these cosmologies, and many more, you can self generate a globally aware hierarchy of values that take you right to the facts and the fictions of today’s “concressence” and “Electronic Bombardment” of information. So that the most basic of questions, starting with what is “Real” and what is “Un-real” can be exercised with a little Korzybski magic to reveal that the (is) part of the proposition contains the possible “ON” or “OFF” two valued logic that makes things “real” or “Not Real”. Switch belief on and off at will, you are still trapped in a binary system. Intelligence looks for a door,a three-valued logic or more, or a new paradigm entirely. My guess is that the purpose of this exercise is to show how language structures influence “reality” con-structures.

In a similar way to how Joyce was said to be able to do anything with Language, Dr. Wilson can do anything, and by doing this he simply turns experts into fakers and authority figures into mean spirited bullies. With simple logic, mathematical precision and strategic cunning RAW manages to “reverse every mental polarity” as Dr. Lilly once commented, and keep within the strict limits of scientific operationalism, journalistic styles, and street level intellectual language. DR. Wilson seems to be a kind of minority reporter, in the sense of the PKD novel, where evidence contrary to popular opinion, contrary to the pronouncements of scientific and religious dogmatists, and the rule of LAW presented fully sourced, verified and carefully balanced. The dream of the revolutionary, or the Gorilla Ontologist, who can carry all Mankind, Gods and Goddesses with him up the Mountainside, to trip acid with Buddha, Lenny Bruce and John Dillinger. Praise Bob.

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