Thursday, June 17, 2010

Howordz Way by fly (Maybelogic Quarterly issue summer Solstice 2006)

By Fly Agaric

Àpollo versed himself into fish with womb
Piloting poets to DELPHI:
                The womb of the Wor.ld
A Womb governing the Oracle of Delphi
Meaning womb
                Sauce of Life and Wisdome

flipped into FISH WITH A WOMB by greek logic
The damnable Navy seals and their repulsive poison and accursed ear-
Mistranslate dolphin into
                FISH WITH BOMB!

Shamefully perverting a smiling samaritan and guardian of ships into
                Destroyer of ship's
                Smiling merchant of death
Evil and further devilry in the sickly name of national kaution
                Li Sao Li Sao for sorrow
Our only security is change

Sucking my pink thumb i evoke
                A Babel ichthus
Decoding To enable alien races to ©omunicare
Speaking with their aboriginal slangwedge
                As waves begin taking form
                  Rising but formed
                      Holding their form
                         Foam: sparkling cristal 1494:

Manutius and his Aldine pressa tipografica was sealed by
                Dolphin and Anchor ideographix
Suckling pesci with a womb
                And navire ancorare
Whirling Stenella longirostris twisting like DNA hélix ribbons
                Mind like the whirl without the pool
                A tomb without a corps
Dolphfinnegans: connaissance-without-an-objet
                Mathematizing sea-good Dolphins classified as mammifére in 1776 by Linnaeus
Mankind scrawls his taxinomie of gnumerous goodz in his book

Surfing Dolphinnegans Wake
Lactating mindfield churned inside out
                And turned again into Eins Leary wide uni.verse
La Tao of Joyce
                A delfino voix: JANUS

"Phil Adolphos the weary O, the leery, O,
"                Dolphin in the wildsbillow
"Light a pike on porpoise
"Pannonia on this porpoise
"Can you nei do her, numb? asks Dolph
"Spirit spires Dolph
"                Godolphinglad in the Hoy's Court
"                Godolphing in fairlove

"Dolphin's Barncar. Wan Ceteroom;
"Cods' cradle and porpoise plain
"Simple philadolphus
"Traduced into jinglish janglage
"                For the nusances of dolphins born.
"                Adolphted such an Adelphus! Jerry Godolphing"

Uncertain.tea brewing the womb of future porpossebili.tea
Disentangle the Dauphine stir into Auvergnat
Adding condensed mammal latte for spiral galaxy

Original swinners with oración credentials
                Traduced into jinglish janglage
For the nusances of Delphinus born
                Babel mammal surfing a word warywide web
Barbarous Godolphin horse speak
                And Poseidon took over the titles of le Royal Pallas
Sea beast and salmoneus the human oak king
De Dagdafinn
sanghasongs of Salmon read knowledge
                Percolating La Boyne Water

®osa dauphin à gros nez corkscrews up a cherry waterspout
                Gyrating along the Amazon
Like a brief lived raspberryframboise ripple cascade
                A Rubescent ivory strudel.
Salmoneus thrusting out its whirlpoint towards the ruddy riverun
                Above the earth a garden of rose trees
Flowers blooming and dying all-at-once
Pink porpoise cloud portal hatchway for
                Returning Bufeo Colorado

Dusky faces and pearl shoulder blade oscillating through upward fountains
Petals of frosted skin shed and fall
Through the coral cetoessa fontana
                Glowing apricot as sunset leaves
Their ochre clings to their fuselage
                Tangerine rust against the sunlight thrusting up a vertical river mouth
                Godz puckered roseo lips sucking and blowing with circular breath

®osewine vortice linking heaven and terroir
The Ocean sky ladder exited by delphinidae godolphinnx
Leaving munkind a soggy porpoise corpus which reads
                Cherry'O and tanks for all the fish
Tromba d'acqua
dances furthur down river back out to the ocean
                And makes porpoise portalz
Suckling up Cetacea With kundalini zing
                Meeting the Palladium moonlight casting a crescent silhouette
Prophecie'd since Aldus printed the
                Hypnerotomachia Poliphili
Transduced as
by Flipper
                The great cétacémostro marino
Comming from Greek ketos sea-munster
God A Hikue and goddess Hiuaoioi flipping summersalts

voices float on the sea aire
                Festina lente as Arion's lyr
And Jason dreams upon his chrusos fleece
Deciphering from Delphine to English
                The ice of the owlphin in aire is lyke whoman?
                Dolpfinnz pronounce owls un ombinaxionx of owls yet
                ill avin rubble ith onsonanz

Shark of the covenant appears quilted in sea-beast skins
And sacred Shoulder blades are boiled and brewed into
                Delphilazarus elixir
                PALLADIUM moonshine
Now Watch the waves as they roll
Ripples and eddies coiling outwards
                From the galactating Dauphine constellation of
                Strange aquatic attractors that inflowenced us here
Comunicación between bard and porpoise
                The Intelligenz sporterspout

songs ode to Temples of Tethys
Voixed by the sweetest Goddess of la océano
Lamenting mammal babel re©orded in doggerel by hoo-ha GODMEN
                As another TYPE of critter
                And Pelops married Hippodamia down river
                And was sad when she returned to the sea
No longer strange to rediscover fossilized PAKICETUS poems?
A genus of extinct
                Cétacé poesé épica
Found in the upper Eocene of Pakistan
Once-upon-a-time part of the coast skirting
                Tethys Ozean

The truth paddles around the ruins of Peos
With the Sonne in its golden wor.ld cup
                La argent apples of the lune
                Le golden pomme's of the sole mixedmashed
Into a and whiffy fishélixir Finnsmoothé

bathes close to the celestial equatore
                And the same stars glittered above the noir sea
while Howard plays in electric-ultramarine waves then swimming again
                Rushing up the Crathis towards the Styx
                In mating season
Charged with lust up through the river bouche fresh from the mare
                Making haste slowly
Dolphin kicking and jamming, in the year of the water bearer
Li Sao
Li Sao for sorrow

Peace Borso
Be as eternal peace in the vortex of evolution
                Li Sao
And thanks
for all the poisson