Thursday, June 5, 2014

Have yourself a blast: Cosmic Triiger Stage Play

Our crowd-funding runs from 23rd May – 4th July 2014.  We have all sorts of goodies on offer, with plenty of Bob Wilson & Ken Campbell related collectables and limited editions.  The money will get us to the first performance; touring costs will be met by ticket sales.

We are a small independent theatre company with passion and vision. We are producing this show for the love of Bob, and will do so on a sliding budget – the more money we raise, the better will be the show. Please help us make this the greatest show on Planet World.


When Daisy first announced her intention to stage this production, folk began sending her £23 or $23 (or multiples of) to help her get started. These generous early champions are our seed-funders, and are very close to our hearts, as we wouldn’t have had a bat in hell’s chance without them.