Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Keys Leaks Doors

A gaspel truce leaks out over the caeseine coatings.
Amid a fluorescence of spectracular mephiticism there caoculates
through the inconoscope stealdily a still, the figure of a
fellowchap in the wohly ghast, Popey O'Donoshough, the jesuneral
of the russuates.  --James Joyce, FW. Pg. 349

Never slip the silver key through your gate of golden age. Collide with man,
collude with money. Ere you sail foreget my prize. Where you
truss be circumspicious and look before you leak, dears. --James Joyce, FW. Pg. 433.

-- Blondman's blaff! Like a skib leaked lintel the arbour
leidend with . . .?  --James Joyce, FW, g. 508

Old yeasterloaves may be a stale as a stub and the pitcher go to aftoms on the
wall. Mildew, murk, leak and yarn now want the bad that they
lied on. --James Joyce, FW, pg 598.

And all the greedy gushes out through their small souls. And all the lazy
leaks down over their brash bodies. How small it's all! And me
letting on to meself always. And lilting on all the time. --James Joyce, FW, 627.

And may he be too an intrepidation of our dreams which we foregot at wiking when the mom
hath razed out limpalove and the bleakfrost chilled our ravery! Pook. Sing ching lew mang! --JJ, FW, pg. 338

Ann alive, the lisp of her, 'twould grig mountains whisper
her, and the bergs of Iceland melt in waves of fire. -James Joyce, Finnegans Wake, pg. 139.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Riki Leaks vs. Jerry 'well' Springer

Riki Leaks vs. Jerry 'well' Springer

Peace is no news. For me.
War makes news, information warfare is news
News is information warfare.
And the fighting takes place everywhere
And nowhere at once.

You cannot regulate information for a nation any longer
A new band of more intelligent critters have arrived on earth
Wikileaks: the extraterrestrial ‘information police/care givers’
Who demonstrate the new digital philosophy of open
Source sharing and webactivism 2.0

Good news for the people and the press
Real news that does not come from an Intelligence brief?
Maverick like Chuck Norris, cutting edge like M.I.T,
More scoops than Ben and Jerries,
Maybe the wikileak hearted will inherit the earth.
Everywhere and nowhere at once.

A journalist’s dream or nightmare, depending who you work for,
Everything comes out in the new wikileak wash,
The dirt, the oil and blood stains magnified a thousand times.

As we the people finally get up to speed
With RAW data on current world events, like the intel-news-banking mob
Rather than waiting 60 years for a trickle of truth,
Such as the recently exposed CIA operation in France,
Where the bastards secretly dosed an entire town.
But still truth is a tall order when dealing in a state of
Culture war.

Wikileaks game changer
Warrior spirit threat to the biggest and the richest, the war market
Finally a threat so big and yet so small that all else fails,
Like an elephant fighting a fly.

Without buying any guns and tanks or aeroplanes
Wikileaks has struck a blow to the giant one eyed cyclops
No secret spies, no violence, no bullshit.

Laws and truth and sporting friendship
Flew out the window
When governments and their imperialist army of snoop troops
Started collecting files on its citizens, and trading
Like the way a bully-thief trades switchblades before a robbery.

Read and dig the new ABC guide to
‘KNU culture wars fought on a digital sports ground campus’
Simply sharing secrets from all sides
All quarters that have a similar pomp
And bombast, the bully industries generally.

A Knu strategy in peace making, called
Information sharing.
A priceless business when glossed by the Knowledge Economy.
Surprise = Information.

A new court house and Judge have descended on the New World Order
Like a friendly E.T here shield us from bullying
By information fraudster and money pimps.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are illegal wars
The global financial meltdown was tempered by illegal banking activity
And so what is a legal practice in war and banking?

After watching Tony Blair on the stand at the inquiry,
And laughing his way back to Jerusalem without a shred of remorse.
George Bush and his religious brand of disinformation scripts
Are copied and distributed willingly by the worlds dying media.

Everything has changed and changed utterly
As if gun powder were just discovered
Or the destructive power of fission fusion bomb,
WLKS is a kind of information knowledge process
A genesis machine for updating the media ecology sphere.

Have no fear but learn vigilance,
Wikileaks is like an information ambulance.
The balance of the forces equally spread, so that all humanity can sleep
Dreaming in bed of a New New world of decentralized order.

The WWW is striking revenge to its own fathers move to the dark side
Like hens coming home to roost
Wikileaks was destined to happen as soon as Claude Shannon,
Norbert Wiener and Alan Turing made their breakthroughs in
Information theory 60 years ago.

Information wants to be free
Some humans heed that call,
Others wish to continue the trajectory from over the last 2000 years
And censor, block, choke, strangle, disrupt and smear the path to
Freedom of information.

What better metaphor to describe the decentralized universe?
"The center cannot hold"
All the plumbers are busy and
Cannot stop the wikigate flood.

‘sticking a p a r t’ in a decentralized
strategy vs.
The massive centralized super state strategy, under one god?
Using a centralized service for anything is probably a Bad idea
In the new age of wikileaks.
Bon Po shamanism springs to mind when I contemplate wikileaks
Bon Po’ used to memorize their scriptures,
And could thereby perform rituals and prayer in the dark
In times without light, or a candle.

Information distribution is changed forever,
Nothing is secure, and never has been, not even your thoughts
And for once this goes for all of us, spies and bankers included.

The big strong brutes always fall hardest, eventually
But rarely without thrashing and kicking on the way,
Wikileaks represents a check-mate.
Now we watch the angry giants make excuses
Excuses excuses for not playing the new game.

The Game’s up. Sorry.
We are witnessing the largest shift in power since WWII
Breaking free from the dogma of conspiracy theory into
RAW information fact.

No more rense snips and Alex Jones bites of the POP con.
Now we all have the RAW data for our own analysis,
If we choose to look and read and think
For ourselves and question authority.

Uncensorable Pirates of information
Let me hear the whistle posse’ blow
Blow like Miles and Dizzy, blow so
The masters of war get wind.

A new philosophy of knowledge dissemination
Flooding the castle with so much knowledge that
Disinformation drowns in its own shit, its own entropy.

The singularity likes wikileaks and so does
Time-wave zero.
Now do you see a little further out to the vast ocean?

As the glaciers melt humanity begins to see the flash flood
Water like information; it wants to be free and equitable and
To flow between poles and cycle with seasons
Forever changing forms.

As wikileaks melts into the course of hot human history
Steam rises and precious gases disperse from the rapid cooling.

If a tweet is a leak then you have Billions of bullets to
Penetrate the bucket. Tweetyleaks to fill the Pacific Basin in
Two weeks,

yours sincerely, Riki Leaks

Monday, March 15, 2010

On the question of Philosophical recognition and RAW

In the UK, I experienced the feeling that something was wrong with the fact that most of my hero's and quality critters were not on any study program, and the teachers I spoke with looked baffled at the idea that you can pass on something that you think might be important for learning, for education and fun and lifting the spirits.

I would distinguish the difference between RAW and the Academic Philosphers by using the word 'street level, or street-wise' philosopher. RAW also fits the armchair philosopher, and even wheelchair philosopher model, for me, and will be forever be a beloved American Irish philosopher, along the current of Bishop Berkeley, O' Brien, Swift, Hamilton, Synge, Yeats, Joyce. Philosophy as art and art as philosophy. Poetry, Drama, Satire? Maybe that is partly resonsible for the RAW hush hush'?

I feel that RAW dissolves the imperialist paradigm, to go into some mighty big ideas for a mo', and remains unrecognized in Britain, maybe, in part because he has such a torrential rain of Celtic Twilight' acid it rubs up Brit' authority the wrong way, I have not heard this said much, but the question of recognition, Academic Recognition of philosophers is one I hold interest in, as, in my humble opinion... RAW and his tribes' just about wrap up the neurological relativisim of the Internet 'global village' age, with such cutting satire and explosive 'kapow' that you just feel the pull of truth-fun. Collectively, maybe some can recreate the vibe, but as an individual author, writer, philosopher, Dr. Wilson pulled it all together, at least for me. Maybe I skipped a few other philosophers?

I wish it were easier for me to create a divide between my own ideas, writing and thoughts, and my strong wish to forward the ideas and work left by Dr. Wilson. I have shrugged off the brush of being called a RAW disciple and continued the work, pulled along my this great community, without whom I maybe stuck in a bedroom in a life of books. I keep wanting to repeat simply 'Read him' and 'read him again' because RAW writes for the careful reader and the lucky re-reader, I think...

I have since moved from the UK, in part due to a lack resources to study and getting very little feedback from others outside of this here community, I had problem's simply giving the Maybelogic: DVD documentary movie to libraries, colleges and Universities. No interest, sadly. But now with youtube they can kiss the sky, the movies everywhere... and now I think where are their classes? where are the lectures? vs. Any UK university? such and such conference... and on.... Maybe in other parts of the UK I would have found better reception, but here in Amsterdam I find that the philosophy and thinking of some 'street level' philosophers can be grok'd, if only for a fleeting moment. But still, the cats are not recognized by the Academic Institutions, as far as I am aware.

Enjoy your class psyber, hope to hear more feedback and good luck with turning on your teachers to our man.

Some thoughts on RAW studies and finding a side-door entrance to the UK curriculum and the European market stall’ at the Global village.

I think RAW respected the multiculturalism, pantheism and diversity of languages and ideas of the quality critters he often referred to. Pound, Joyce, Yeats, Bruno, Vico, and Fenollosa were scribes for the McLuhan’s ‘global village’. And as I mentioned, therefore against British imperialism and centralized control of institutions, banking, education, politics, weapons.

RAW deploys ‘decentralized’ philosophy (Bruno, Joyce, Paul Levinson?) that we can trace through his fiction, his ‘holographic prose’, his speech, and through his life lived as a truly independent scholar activist journalist philosopher...

The study of Internet and Information technology, telecommunications etc,. Seems all the rage at the major learning institutions around the world, yet, where can you study ‘the tale of the tribe’? RAW’s history of ‘decentralized philosophy, and design science principles, and Neuro-linguistic relativism’ maybe one way to view it? What do Bucky, Shannon, Wiener, McLuhan... and Internet have in common?

Sharing, and the rare ability to share personal experience with a scientific method of observation, or methods, plural, maybe another thorn in RAW’s side when it comes to the education business, where text books and course work feed the Industry standards in the grey room. ‘think for yer’ self’ schmuck’ combined with ‘think for yourself, and question authority’ combined with the ‘free’ shared availability of RAW’s course work may lead to a sticky situation for many faculty staff and department heads, at some future juncture where ‘everything changes’ so obviously that only RAW and a few others will have remained weird enough to stay relative in a ‘exponentially changing’ seemingly psychedelic shared experience.

Or maybe I am dreaming and have cut myself off to live out an Invisible college’ fantasy, and to forever be stuck apart from any Institution, so to develop my independent feedback? Stephen in self inflicted Exile? A romantic, maverick, ? Whatever, with global internet communications we can all live as one University, if you like, as Wikipedia is now One university of one type of knowledge...and the power of connectivity and sharing across cultures far out reaches that of any single Institution of single corporate, sovereign entity. I think their definition as a finite entity bounds them, in many ways, whereas the Network seems to be king, not content, or cash or weapons stash. All has Changed and changed utterly’

Another of RAW’s unique and testable strokes of genius is to source and reference masses of academic material that now, due to internet search engines can still, and often does for me, turn up treasures in all sorts of nooks and cranniz’ take Ernest Fenollosa for example, I find the Fenollosa/Pound/Yeats synergy (founded in London when Mary McNeil Fenollosa passed on her late husbands notes to Ez, who was living with Yeats at the time) to be critical to the whole field of modernism, Post modernism, linguistics etc,. And have been surprised to have not found RAW anywhere in the published literature on this subject.

Here’s a little anecdotal example of my efforts to fwd/ RAW in the UK during the summer of 2006. I was invited by the SDP (who I bumped into on the street in Birmingham) to MARXISM’ a week-long conference held a University London, featuring many speakers on varied topics, all with a socialist and pretty political oriented glossing. While on the Uni’ campus, I tried walking into SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies) with the express vision of turning somebody onto RAW’s interpretation of the Fenollosa’ manuscripts etc. But, I could not even get in the door past security, sorry son, you have to have an appointment. I did however get up and speak at a number of presentations, one time reading a full chapter from the Illuminati Papers, in a weak lecture on science fiction and social activism, I thought it was weak as the guy had not even heard of RAW... but the dialectic was all over the place. Book stands were lined up with Chomsky, Zinn, Parenti, George G, Tony Benn, Che’, Banksy and Hakim Bey, but alas uncle Bob was suspiciously absent, or, I was too stoned to see his books amidst all sea TEXTZ on resistance and revolution, although I did find him in the Disinfo’ book ‘Everything you know is wrong’

So I came away from Marxism 2006 a bit miffed, but still had a fun time and met many like-minded individuals who were visiting the event, and even liked the lecturers and speakers, maybe for their rhythm and prowess on the microphone, George G. And Tony Benn are powerful orators, but, I found the Respect party and the SDP to be riddled with the same trappings as the other political alternatives like Labour and Conservative and the Liberal party, besides the obvious differences such as perceptions on foreign policy and the wars Britain is fighting, I noticed a very similar use of speech, the rhythm of the rally and the ‘Fidel’ like punch of words to shake up the masses. I enjoy the music and power of these performances, but again feel that RAW’s witty, scholarly and optimistic way of doing this would be far more effective, yes, surprise equals information.

The path to Peace is as much a labyrinth of ambiguity as the roadway to war, and I find the compressed dialectic of Joyce and RAW at least two models of a supreme Unity, by way of the Unity of opposites, producing a witty truth, unequalled anywhere else, outside of witty and wise fiction like Tom Robbins, or great satire like that of Will Self. But RAW combines that Celtic Twist’ or (spiral) with operationalist scientific methodological research language, practical Magick and psychoactive drug experimentation, and contact with Daoist, Zen, and Sufi masters over a period of 50 years... all big plus points from my perspective, that give RAW a street credibility, missing from most Academic entities.

Sir Paul Mcartney has a music school in the UK. Where is the Lennon wing to be built? I ponder....

Everything I have already put here relates to my experiences in the UK, and not America, where like how Bobby describes Delaware, the boundaries between street level philosophy, to keep pushing a term, and Academia seems blurry, San Francisco and the Bay area spill over with hip and hopeful classes and libraries and bookshops that are packed with the good stuff. I repeat, the relations between the USA and Europe in these areas of study could be much broader and open, would this be under the umbrella of American literature, American studies, the American Anarchist tradition?

I would boldly state that for me, the new philosophy might include a kind of 'constructivist prospiracy'. Conspiracy theory is just one unacknowledged 'scientific research based philosophy' when looked at from RAW-esque Multiple points of view.

The essay 'TSOG' for example, may outline his political oriented philosophy, partly as a reaction to the Tsarist paradigm he saw emerging in American, partly describing his own conspiracy theory, and partly describing the kind of forces that smashed the 60's consciousness movement and counter-culture and have been meddling in affairs both home and abroad with their guns and dope trade ever since the dirty deals made after WWII.

For example, what does it mean for humanistic psychology in the UK when we consider the Tavistock Institute and the Royal Institute for Mental Health and their history of carrying out 'MK Ultra' like experiments on unwilling test subjects? It would not be so bad if the drugs used, such as LSD, were not prohibited today by the same forces that miss-used them over fifty years ago. So I see a blockage here, and I don't see or hear of many, if any scholars and teachers (in the UK) speaking out on this subject, compared with the US that has MAPS and the Beckley foundation, plus hundreds of lobby groups and 'entheogen' campaigners. Amazing and inspiring, and often frustrating to see the lack of such organization in Europe.
So experiment and research in these areas must be done illegally, underground, and with an element of secrecy and clandestine operation. The psychological and socio-cultural effects of this prohibition' on altered states and 'taboos' in general is yet another current that flows throughout all of RAW's output...