Saturday, February 5, 2011

Information flow, Quantum Mechanics and Assange

Maybe, along with the Nobel Prize for peace, Assange could be put forward for a 'information technology' prize for the radical review of Quantum Mechanics and Information theory, known to the world as 'wikileaks'? and what I now like to call a proto hyperintelligence. --Steve fly.

"The other intriguing reason was the way Assange had arrived at his conclusion, which seemed more scientific than journalistic. He asked me to bear in mind that his background was as a computer hacker and specialist in quantum mechanics. He was fascinated by the "media information flow economy".

People forget Assange is as interested in physics as he is in ideology, and that much of his work has been motivated by an application of the laws of mechanics to information. At that first meeting, he pulled a book off the shelf and talked at length about the many propulsions and interests that had got it there – "multiple reasons why the book has arrived on that shelf". There was also "a miasma of interests behind the spread of information," he said, "and the reasons why a piece of information reaches you."And the conversation went on for seven hours in that compelling vein.--