Saturday, June 15, 2013

Glenn Greenwald on states abuses and modern spy craft

Thoughts on NSA spy all...

'he who does not move, does not notice his chains--Rosa Luxenburg

How are the decenters treated?
your alright but what about him.
the hacktervist and whistleblower

civil liberties defined by who
errosions of right for foreign nationals
blew up into total
information awareness.

now foreign and dometstic
eye in the pyramid
all seeing eye
and a cataract called
thinking for yourself

massive surveilence programs
turned inward like a whirlpool
manipulating the fear

saving us
from their own plots
and schemes in Hollywood
looking fabricted reality

Policy and the gun
pacifying domestic dissent
Ay! Ay! See i ay' looking mate

'Absolute power corrupts

--Steve fly

Published on 13 Jun 2013
F2C: Freedom to Connect Conference 2013 on Mar 5 2013

Session 5 Part 2: Glenn Greenwald keynote

Speaker: Dan Gilmor

F2C: Freedom to Connect brings under-represented people and issues into the Washington, DC based federal policy discussion to promote Internet freedom, to preserve Internet values such as public protocols and universal connectivity, and to promote the use of the Internet for people-oriented purposes.

F2C:Freedom to Connect