Monday, September 26, 2016

How to overthrow a government by Chris Rock

Direct from the mind of the guy who bought you the "I will kill you" presentation at DEF CON 23, is another mind bending, entertaining talk. This time it’s bigger and badder than before.

Are you sick and tired of your government? Can’t wait another 4 years for an election? Or do you want to be like the CIA and overthrow a government overseas for profit or fun? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions than this talk is for you! Why not create your own cyber mercenary unit and invoke a regime change to get the government you want installed? After all, if you want the job done right, sometimes you have to do it yourself.

Find out how over the last 60 years, governments and resource companies have been directly involved in architecting regime changes around world using clandestine mercenaries to ensure deniability. This has been achieved by destabilizing the ruling government, providing military equipment, assassinations, financing, training rebel groups and using government agencies like the CIA, Mossad and MI-5 or using foreign private mercenaries such as Executive Order and Sandline. Working with Simon Mann an elite ex SAS soldier turned coup architect who overthrew governments in Africa, Chris Rock will show you how mercenary coup tactics directly applied to digital mercenaries to cause regime changes as the next generation of "Cyber Dogs of War".

Chris will walk you through a cyber regime change from start to finish on a real country and show you how to architect a coup achieving the same result as a traditional mercenary operation without any blood spilt. This will include taking ownership of all facets of government including finance, telecommunications, transportation, commercial companies and critical infrastructure such a power, water and oil. You will learn:
• Traditional military mercenary coup tactics used by the infamous 32 Battalion in Africa, Executive Order and Sandline that can be directly applied to a cyber mercenary regime change.
• How to architect a cyber coup using advisor’s, hackers and the general populace, using misinformation, professional agitators, false information and financing.
• How to gather intelligence to analyze a government’s systemic weaknesses on financial, societal values and political climates that is leader or country specific to structure your attack.
• How to identify and prioritize government resources, infrastructure and commercial companies and how to use these compromised assets to stage the coup.
• Combine physical and digital techniques and have the best of both worlds to own a countries infrastructure.
• Hot to manipulate the media using propaganda targeting journalists flawed multiple "source" rules for a story.
• The Grand finale of a cyber regime change on a real country from beginning to end using the above techniques with operational footage. Come to this talk and find out how you too can be your own dictator, benevolent or merciless that part is up to you.

Chris Rock presented "I will kill you" at DEF CON 23 has been active in the security industry for the last 20 years and is the founder and CEO of Kustodian, a specialized security company that specializes in Security Operations Centres, Penetration testing and independent research. Kustodian is an Australian, Middle East and Hong Kong registered company that has been operational for over 10 years. Chris has also spent 12 years in the banking sector and provides security services around the world for small, medium and large companies. Chris Rock also created SIEMonster, an open source, scalable, free Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) as a commercial alternative to Splunk, ArcSight and AlienVault. SIEMonster can be run on Amazon AWS or Virtual machines and details can be found on

Friday, April 8, 2016

The Panamamamatrix: Tsarists and Nazis and spooks, oh my!

The CIA Nazi Tsarist Alliance, rolled in Panamamamatrix.

The Panama papers are hitting headlines everywhere, hard, from the tabloids to the more respected journals, to the underground. It seems to me that the 99 % of humanity are justified in the distrust of the 1%, or to narrow it down further, the inner secret sanctuary of international unrestricted finance. The racket, robbing the world, cheating the rest of the 99% of the worlds population out of their equal share of the worlds resources, technological innovations and freedom.

Long before the Panama papers hit town, and before Bernie Sanders called out Panama as a bit of a dodgy 'offshore' financial operations centre, the late great Robert Anton Wilson spent a lifetime tracking the worldwide cabal of cheats, spies, financiers and all-around-the-world liars, he might refer to this topic of his research as the CIA Tsarist Nazi alliance. The alliance between spooks, Nazi’s like General Reinhardt Gehlen, American’s like James Jesus Angleton and J. Edgar Hoover, Brits like Kim Philby, and Russian’s such as General Vlasov. If nationality were to be the main method to categorize these global fire starters, and precursors to the skull-duggery revealed in the Panama papers.

Dr Wilson liked to source and reference all of his sources, and interestingly, his ‘historical illuminatus’ fiction, contain an equal amount of reliable, documented and published sources, with a particular bearing on the current story of the Panama papers, and the Tsarist Nazi CIA connections, plus the Vatican, Mafia and The Knights of Malta, for good measure. The murder of Lady Diana too, if you follow the Kashoggi trail.

The Panama papers, if they are what they claim to be, are outlines of a global conspiracy, a new ‘Octopus’ conspiracy. Kinging the network of deceit, and putting together some-but-not-all of the previous major themes of conspiracy theory, into a new map, self-evidential, well sourced context. In a nutshell, the secret financial elite at the heart of the scandal have Nazi, CIA and Tsarist affiliations, well documented all about the internet. “Ah-haa’ the Internet, i hear some skeptical voices say, anything is true on the internet!” Yeah, anything is true, false, meaningless and indeterminate both on, and off the web. Think for yourself. My best advice.

Be that statement as it may, the meticulous and diligent research by Dr Wilson for over 30 years, before the world wide web went world wide, remains a critical body of work, documenting and following the shadowy trail of Nazi’s, spies and banker elites, before during and after the second world war, right up to the moment at which he was writing. Right up to January 2007, when he sadly passed away, and for the most part, ignored by the worlds journalists and scholars. Now, in April of 2016, his work still helps me and with luck you, dear reader, to cut through the fog of mainstream disinformation, and lead the reader into new perspectives and a broader understanding of The Panama Papers. Smoke Em' Out.

My research for this article was done on the web for the most part, and includes ideas from publications by Robert Anton Wilson. Might i sign off with an important reminder that, from what i experienced, that Dr Wilson liked to promote thinking in probabilities, and warn the reader/researcher to avoid thinking in certainties, and wherever possible, adopt a language that reflects this proba-ballistic thinking, rooted in ideas from Alfred Korzybski, the creator or the field of general semantics. Make up your own mind, do your own research, question everything, especially authority.

For the rest of this article i will provide quotes, and some embedded media. Thanks to all the software developers, open source advocates, Pythonians, bloggers and journalists everywhere for your shared tools and open ended questions.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Max Tegmark and Nick Bostrum on Killingry vs. Livingry.

The caption at the youtube link for the video reads:

"Max Tegmark and Nick Bostrom present to the UN the existential threat posed by the impending AI technologies."

I think that the speech could be viewed as many different things, perhaps a pleading to all governments and technology companies and weapons manufacturers, and traders in killingry to STOP.

You must stop now. Change the trajectory of your research to investment in livingry. Please, look at the evidence from the past, you don't know what the fuck you are doing! How about funding the wisdom teachings of happy technology, snuggles and eskimo kisses technology, stuff that may benefit all-around-the-world humanity, help end material scarcity and create tools to help us communicate clearer. As Buckminster Fuller put it 'Livingry, not Killingry'

What do you make of the speeches?

Thursday, March 3, 2016

DonTrump: The Mass Fascism Of Trump Psychology.

Don't run. Have the courage to look at yourself!—Wilhelm Reich, Little Man. 

For over a year now i’ve resisted writing about, or giving energy to DonTrump, the Donald Trump campain, and his fanatical hordes of supporters. Perhaps i was wrong to ignore him? Maybe i should have started writing and warning my friends about him sooner? But how many of my friends are Trump supporters, how many would read these words and act upon them, who would follow the links that i recommend?

Well usually, i find that the good friends i have, who might read this, would engage and are probably already familiar with the work of Wilhelm Reich. These cherished friends are probably, like myself, inspired by Dr. Robert Anton Wilson. But what about the other others, those not yet turned onto these ideas, those who hold rigid and dogmatic views, those unable to tolerate opposing opinions, and those quick to mock with name calling, ad hominem attacks, and physically attacks on the offence. Quick to judge, slow to reconsider. What is to be done?

Everything related to the emotional plague in social life can be traced back to this incapacity and lack of consciousness. It is work-democracy's contention that, by its very nature, politics is and has to be unscientific, i.e., that it is an expression of human helplessness, poverty, and suppression.--Wilhelm Reich, The Function of the orgasm.      

In his book ‘The Mass Psychology Of Fascism’ the brilliant and brave Dr. Wilhelm Reich adequately sums up the likes of D.T. In breaking down the meaning of “Fuhrer’ or ‘little father’ in German, Dr. Reich outlines the physical and psychological trends we can see around today. All around the world, we can see authoritarian bullying on every level, from the school yard to the houses of parliament, from the scout hut to the senate, and from the kindergarden to the Kremlin. Perhaps they are simply not reading and engaging in any ideas that run contrary to their own goals, a one tracked mind, full of only certainty and fundamental principles. No flexibility, no thought for the possibility of being wrong.

"The character structure of modern man, who reproduces a six-thousand-year-old patriarchal authoritarian culture is typified by characterological armoring against his inner nature and against the social misery which surrounds him. This characterolgical armoring of the character is the basis of isolation, indigence, craving for authority, fear of responsibility, mystic longing, sexual misery, and neurotically impotent rebelliousness.—Wilhelm Reich, The Function of the orgasm.        

I rekon you really should go read some Reich to get a better grasp of what is going on with these people, and with yourself, and so with luck, find little insight into the unbalanced and meaningless statements these dictators and bullies pontificate day after day, year after year. Better yet, read Prometheus Rising, or Quantum Psychology (QP), or Wilhelm Reich In Hell by Dr Robert Anton Wilson, who read and synthesized Reich’s work into entertaining and contemporary manuals for attaining a similar insight into the psychology of authority, plus fun techniques for evolving one’s own brain body system to help defend against such incursions into your self owning physical and psychical spaces.

Here in Britain, from where i am writing this, we have our own band of trumpeters, spin doctors and little fuhrers. Maggot Hatcher was dubbed the ‘Iron Lady’ due to her stern fist of rule and ultra conservatism. She had all the trappings of a male dominator, unwavering in her decisions, elitist and classist. David Cameron exhibits these ultra conservative and male dominator values, as does Trump, as does Putin, as did Hitler, Stalin and Genghis Kahn.

So from the above, i would usually just rest my case. Most, but not all, authoritarian leaders have very similar psychological and physiological traits, which can be given different words, and caged in different ways by the media spin doctors, to have varying contradicting effects. For example, i have heard people say ‘we need a strong leader to engage with the other strong leaders around the world’ or words to that effect. Many people rely on being told what to do and what to think, they like it and want it, in a similar way to the how religious practitioners seek instructions. “How shall i act, father?” “Tell me what is good or evil, right or wrong, because i can’t make up my own mind, and only you can commune with the Gods, I am but a lowly peasant.”

"He (Wilhelm Reich) had a great capacity to arouse irrational hatred obviously, and that's because his ideas were radical in the most extreme sense of the word "radical." His ideas have something to offend everybody, and he ended up becoming the only heretic in American history whose books were literally burned by the government.—Robert Anton Wilson, Interview, March 1995.

“There’s a seeker born every minute” and an opportunist vulture born every 30 seconds, ready to latch onto the vulnerable as they seek guidance, instead receiving a brainwash and indoctrination into some hierarchy or other, and usually right down at the bottom with a chance to ascend if they comply with every demand made, absolutely. “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” So what can be done when the most effective strategy for control is through absolute power, threats of violence, guilt and deception (the spy game). Do we let them get on with it, join them and get inside, oppose them from outside, ignore them and continue on our own path? do you think that writing a blog can help, or posting on Farcebook?

Every culture around the world has produced thinkers, poets, philosophers and economists who have opposed rule by force, in favor of a cooperative, open and free thinking society. Perhaps starting with Lao Tzu, through to Socrates, the Renaissance scholars, and right up to the present day examples of Jeremy Corbyn, and Bernie Sanders. These historical antecedents are in plain sight.

Although we must move beyond the left-right axis, to further any discussion, i feel that, dualistically speaking, the right (conservative/republican) favour the dictator, the king, tsar, the fuhrer, the army general, the spy chief and other natural born killers, full of premature judgement, and premature ejaculation. In contrast, the left, dualistically speaking, generally favour the philosopher, scientist, humanitarian worker, artist, with suspended judgement, and pluralism. 

The current author leans toward the left (mutualist minarchy) and i thought that it might just be a matter of making explicit the connections, in plain sight, between authoritarian right wing maniacs, who act hell bent on defending ideology to the death, revenge and harsh punishments, and, the left who seem to favor a co-operative liberal alternative, discussion, negotiation. I thought people generally wanted to be nice and kind to fellow humans, not kick them in the mouth while they’re down.

Man shows by his maliciousness, his inability to live in peace with his kind, his wars, that what distinguishes him from the other animals is only his unbounded sadism and the mechanical trinity of the authoritarian concept of life, mechanistic science and the machine.--Wilhelm Reich, The Function of the orgasm.

I like to think, perhaps naively, that the supporters of such racist and fascist dictators are simply unaware of that fact due to the all pervasive powers of the media, abducting them and holding them captive in a dark closet about any peaceful alternatives to their one way. Not least, finding out for oneself, rather than swallow everything their leader claims, afraid of being different. Afraid of being ridiculed for coming to their own conclusions, if they happen to contradict the absolute gospel truth of their fuhrer. Austerity, scarcity economics, foreign terrorists, forbidden drugs, it is hard to reason with the irrational sociopaths and the mocking psychopaths, but we must push onwards, to try and keep trying to hold out another hand again, even after the other was savaged and chewed on.

Read Wilhelm Reich and Robert Anton Wilson, discover how to free yourself and others from the chains of guilt and fear that are imposed on us, and which we become accustomed too and soon forget about. Awaken your inner humanity yo, and encourage others to do the same, why don't you? change yourself and change your perception of the world and of others. Lead by example, be the change you wish to see in the word/world. Use cheerfulness as a weapon to topple the depressive and oppressive, don’t ever let the bastards get you down. Hold your head high. To sum up, think for yourself and question everything, especially authority. See you in the afterfuture,
love, steve.

"In addition to his bio-physical heresies, Dr. Reich vastly offended many people by his sociologicaltheory, which holds that fascism is just an exaggerated form of the basic structure of sex-negative societies and has existed under other names in every civilization based on sexual repression. In this theory, the character and muscular armor of the average citizen — a submissive and frightened attitude anchored in body reflexes — causes the average person to want a strong authority figure above them. Tyranny, in this model, is not created by tyrants alone but by neurotic masses who want tyrants.—Robert Anton Wilson, Wilhelm Reich In Hell.


MOVIE - The Strange Case Of Dr. Wilhelm Reich (2012).

Sunday, January 31, 2016

DEFCON 23: Knocking my neighbours kids cruddy drone offline

Published on Dec 25, 2015
My neighbor’s kid is constantly flying his quad copter outside my windows. I see the copter has a camera and I know the little sexed crazed monster has been snooping around the neighborhood. With all of the hype around geo-fencing and drones, this got me to wondering: Would it be possible to force a commercial quad copter to land by sending a low-level pulse directly to it along the frequencies used by GPS? Of course, radio signal jamming is illegal in the U.S and, frankly, it would disrupt my electronics, too. In this presentation, we’ll look at some of the research and issues we encountered, when we attempted to force land two commercial drones (the new DJI Phantom 3 and the Parrot Bepop Drone) by sending GPS signals directly at the drones (while staying under the threshold for jamming and not disrupting anyone else).

Speaker Bio:
Michael Robinson has over 15 years of computer security experience and is currently a computer and mobile device forensic examiner in the Washington, DC area, where he deals with intrusion analysis, incident response, and criminal cases. For over four years he ran IT and IA operations for a Department of Defense agency. He has conducted research on security of mobile devices and is starting to play around in the drone space. He teaches computer forensics at the graduate level at Stevenson University in Maryland.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

A note on tsarist occupation government

This paragraph from wikipedia
helps define, a small part
of what Robert Anton Wilson mean't
in his acronym: TSOG.



--Steve Fly

"The person of the tsar himself, a sovereign with absolute authority, stood at the center of the tsarist autocracy.[9] The rights of state power in their entire extent belonged to the tsar. The autocrat further entrusted power to persons and institutions, acting in his name, by his orders, and within the limits laid down for them by law. The purpose of the system was to supposedly benefit the entire country of Russia.[9] A metaphor existed likening the tsar to a father, and all of the subjects of the Empire, to his children; this metaphor even appeared in Orthodox primers.[10] This metaphor is present in the common Russian expression "царь-батюшка", literally "tsar-dear father".Furthermore, unlike in western monarchies subject (in religious matters) to the Pope, the Russian Empire combined monarchy with the supreme authority on religious issues (see Church reform of Peter I and caesaropapism for details).
Another key feature related to patrimonialism. In Russia the tsar owned a much higher proportion of the state (lands, enterprises, etc.) than did Western monarchs.[11][12][13][14][15][16]The tsarist autocracy had many supporters within Russia. Major Russian advocates and theorists of the autocracy included writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky,[3][17] Mikhail N. Katkov,[18] Konstantin S. Aksakov,[19] Nikolay Karamzin,[17] Konstantin Pobedonostsev[3][9] and Pyotr Semyonov. They all argued that a strong and prosperous Russia needed a strong tsar, and that philosophies of republicanism and liberal democracy did not fit Russia.[3]

"Most people think the TSOG [Tsarist Occupation Government] began its infestation of America with George Bush Sr., when he appointed a Tsar to discombobulate our previously democratic form of government; but Bush had a long C.I.A. career behind him and the C.I.A. had a long, long Tsarist history before they came out in the open with a public and blatant Tsar, a functionary not endowed or permitted by any clause in our Constitution.--

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Troma Tsog with Dudjom Yangsi Rinpoche and TSOG with Robert Anton Wilson

Troma Tsog with Dudjom Yangsi Rinpoche - Samje Djedren Ani Gompa, Nepal 2014

DEF CON 23 - Cory Doctorow - Fighting Back in the War on General Purpose Computers.

DEF CON 23 - Cory Doctorow - Fighting Back in the War on General Purpose Computers

Published on Dec 25, 2015EFF's Apollo 1201 project is a 10-year mission to abolish all DRM, everywhere in the world, within a decade. We're working with security researchers to challenge the viability of the dread DMCA, a law that threatens you with jail time and fines when you do your job: discover and disclosing defects in systems that we rely on for life and limb.
Speaker Bio:
Cory Doctorow ( is a science fiction author, activist, journalist and blogger — the co-editor of Boing Boing ( and the author of the YA graphic novel IN REAL LIFE, the nonfiction business book INFORMATION DOESN’T WANT TO BE FREE and young adult novels like HOMELAND, PIRATE CINEMA and LITTLE BROTHER and novels for adults like RAPTURE OF THE NERDS and MAKERS. He works for the Electronic Frontier Foundation and co-founded the UK Open Rights Group. Born in Toronto, Canada, he now lives in London.