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8-Circuit Model of Consciousness (Wikipedia)

The Eight Circuits

Note: The names for the circuits used by Dr. Timothy Leary [1] [2] [3] are shown first and the names for the circuits used by Robert Anton Wilson are shown in parentheses [4](they both used the same names for the first, second, and fifth circuits). After the name of the circuit, the name that was used by Dr. Timothy Leary to describe the level of consciousness that is activated by that circuit is shown in parentheses [5].

[edit] 1. The Biosurvival Circuit (The Breath of Consciousness)

Imprinted in infancy, concerned with suckling, nourishment, cuddling, bio-security etc. The imprinting of this circuit sets up the basic attitude of trust or suspicion which will last for life. First activated when a human being is born, and programs perception onto an either-or grid, divided into nurturing-helpful and noxious-dangerous (approach/accept vs. flight/flee). Leary thinks that this circuit is stimulated in adults by opioid drugs. This circuit is said to have appeared in the earliest evolution of invertebrate brain. This circuit begins with 1 spatial dimension, forward/back.

Winner Script: I will live forever, or die trying. Loser Script: I don’t know how to defend myself.

[edit] 2. The Emotional-Territorial Circuit (Freud's Ego)

Imprinted in the toddling stage, concerned with emotions, domination and submission strategies, territory etc. The first imprint on this circuit identifies the stimuli which will automatically trigger dominant, aggressive behavior or submissive, co-operative behavior. This circuit is activated with abundant quantities of alcohol. This circuit appeared first in territorial vertebrate animals. This circuit introduces a 2nd dimension; up/down.

Winner Script: I am free; you are free; we can have our separate trips or we can have the same trip. Loser Script: They all intimidate me.

[edit] 3. The Symbolic (Neuro-Semantic-Dexterity) Circuit (The Rational-Empirical Mind)

Imprinted by human artifacts and symbol systems. Concerned with handling the environment, invention, calculation, prediction, building a “map” of the universe etc. It is associated with physical dexterity and Caffeine, speed, cocaine and a high protein diet activate this circuit. This circuit supposedly appeared first when hominids started differentiating from the rest of the primates.

Winner Script: I am learning more about everything, including how to learn more. Loser Script: I can't solve my problems.

[edit] 4. The Domestic (Socio-Sexual) Circuit (The "Adult" Personality)

Imprinted by the first orgasm-mating experiences and tribal “morals”. Concerned with sexual pleasure, (instead of sexual reproduction) local definitions of “moral” and “immoral”, reproduction, nurture of the young etc. This circuit is basically concerned with operating within social networks and the transmission of culture across time. This circuit is said to have first appeared with the development of tribes.

Winner Script: Love, and do what thou wilt. Loser Script: Everything I like is illegal, immoral, or fattening.

[edit] 5. The Neurosomatic Circuit (Zen-Yoga Mind-Body-Connexion)

Concerned with neurological-somatic feedbacks, feeling high, somatic reprogramming etc. The fifth circuit, according to Leary, is consciousness of the body. There is a marked shift from linear visual space to an all-encompassing aesthetic sensory space. A hedonic turn-on occurs, a rapturous amusement, a detachment from the previously compulsive mechanism of the first four circuits. This circuit is stimulated by ecstatic experiences via physiological effects of marijuana and MDMA, yoga, tantra (Leary's name for tantra was hedonic engineering), Zen meditation and free fall. Leary describes that this circuit first appeared in the upper classes with the development of leisure-class civilizations around 2000 BC.

Winner Script: How I feel depends on my neurological knowhow. Loser Script: I can't help the way I feel.

[edit] 6. The Neuroelectric (Metaprogramming) Circuit (Psionic Electronic-Interface Mind)

Concerned with re-imprinting and re-programming all earlier circuits, relativity of “realities” perceived, cybernetic consciousness, so-called PSI/magical powers, etc. The sixth circuit consists of the nervous system becoming aware of itself. Leary says this circuit enables telepathic communication and associates it with peyote, psilocybin, MDA and yage, as well as being associated with computer games. This circuit is traced by Leary back to 500 BC and he associates it with the Silk Road.

Winner Script: I make my own coincidences, synchronicities, luck, and Destiny. Loser Script: Why do I have such lousy luck?

[edit] 7. The Neurogenetic (Morphogenetic) Circuit (Buddha-Monad 'Mind')

Concerned with evolutionary consciousness (past and future), DNA-RNA-brain feedbacks (ancestral, societal and scientific), Jung’s “Collective unconscious” etc. The first to achieve this mutation spoke of “memories of past lives”, “reincarnation”, “immortality” etc. This circuit is stimulated by LSD, Raja Yoga etc. The circuit first appeared among the Hindus in the early first millennium and later reappeared among the Sufi sects.

Winner Script: Future evolution depends on my decisions now. Loser Script: Evolution is blind and impersonal.

[edit] 8. The Psychoatomic (Quantum Non-Local) Circuit (Overmind)

Concerned with quantum consciousness, non-local awareness (information from beyond ordinary space-time awareness which is limited by the speed of light), illumination, out-of-body experiences, astral projection, contact with alien entities (which does not necessarily specifically refer to only materially based creatures from outer space, but rather all beings, including e.g. angels) or with a galactic Overmind etc. Some of the ways this circuit can get activated are the awakening of kundalini, shock, near-death experience etc. This circuit has even been compared to the Buddhist concept of Indra's net from the Avatamsaka Sutra. Leary associated large doses of LSD (1,000 mcg), Ketamine and DMT with this circuit.

Winner Script: In the province of the mind, what is believed to be true is true, or becomes true within certain limits to be learned by experience and experiment. Loser Script: I am not psychic, and I doubt anyone is.

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Inner/Outer fiction/operating manual: Linear Shouting

Thanks to Bogus Magus for the link, that inspired this post:

A great wall of RAW wisdom and a piece roughly shaping the giant planet sized ball of light that RAW lifted up and presented to us, to marvel at in awe, and/or interact with, and/or begin to build our own, based up his?

I met Alex Burns in December 2000, in the company of RAW. Back then he demonstrated an understanding of RAW's works, and was introduced to RAW by Richard Metzger as 'a leading scholar on the works of Aleister Crowley.'

This piece by Alex makes a wonderful introduction to any study of RAW and his ideas. I think. And, would make a great introduction to a RAW book; something I have been anticipating from the Disinfo. company...

I especially liked the part where Bob speaks of 'The Bride of Illuminatus' and his historicism, by way of post-quantum fiction. Creating an unbroken continuity--spacetimecontiuum--where both the inner psychological and outer social 'challenges made up from our place, as humanity, in history, and timespace.

I think his balanced oscillations between operating manuals for navigating reality, by way of the Novel, and the manual (to draw a dualistic distinction) are like books for the day and books for the night, or, an interlinked NETWORK of literature that moves between the inner-psychological Jung/Campbell/Joyce worlds,

and the outer 'reality' social constructions of Popper/Bucky/Pound, again, drawing an approximate split between inner and outer, but this splitting area, or divide, abyss, chapel perilous, where the two flip' between each other's qualities like Bosons'

increases the total NETWORK of RAW's writing: that I often view as a powerful--synchronicity engine--because it spun me into the pistons and cylinders of processing and building up my own 'reality' tunnels, that help distinguish different parts of myself, and, different parts of others, and the other others in my external sensed impressions of 'realities'

To tie this sprawling post up, a bit,... I think these two different kinds of literature, networking off each other, provide a great strategy for collaborative artists who wish to explore science, religion, economics, politics, sociology, psychology etc., but without throwing out science fiction, poetry, Donald Duck, conspiracy theory, ideogramic method...

Mythology, 'para' sciences and on... The more that I see our culture moving away from these kind of integral studies into further specialization, the more potential-power these existing networks of RAW-wisdom gain.

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The tale of the tribe & The Network. 2010.

The tale of the tribe is a network, a team of nodal points that when linked together produce a hyperbolic object of knowledge - a hologrammic network - that bootstraps its knowledge generating capacity, by overlapping functions and principles.

The tale of the tribe may not be a linear tale with a beginning, middle and ending, although cycles of this tripple nature are within its structure, the tale of the tribe includes faster than light information transfer and David Bohmian Non-locality, by default the tale must eat itself and balance any pronouncements of being with an equal and opposite force, or case, clause, for non-being, thus fulfilling the basic Taoist principle of Pull-Push that Dr. Wilson describes with eloquence in one of his earliest published essay's Joyce and Daoism.

One attribute to Dr. Robert Anton Wislon that I noticed each time I met him was his large celtic-spiral ring. To me, the ring symbolizes the rotational and spiral nature of his work, the meanings fold in on themselves, Vico and Joyce and Nietzsche and the spiraling principles of recorsi. Giordano Bruno and his "Memory Wheels", Giambattista Vico and his "Cycles of Ages", Frederich Nietzsche and "Eternal Return", Ernest Fenollosa and the omni-directional radiance of "Chinese Ideogram", William Butler Yeats and his dynamic "Gyres" and "Unity of Being", Ezra Pound and his "Revolutionary Calendar", James Joyce and his spiral powered "coincidance of contraries & resolution of opposites", Buckminster Fuller and his moving "Synergistic" principles, travel the edges of that ring. Meanwhile Alfred Korzybski and his "General Semantics", Marshall McLuhan and his "Global Village Tribes", Orson Welles and his "Neurological Cinematic Relativity", Claude Shannon and "Information Theory" and other recurring geniuses and their additional contributions to humanity intersect with the various connecting threads, tied up and represented by RAW.

The Celtic spiral also reminds us of Bob's proud Irish heritage and great scholarship of Celtic literature, history, language and logic. Arlan and Bob lived together in Dublin, Ireland between 1982 and 1988 during which time he read the complete works of Johnathan Swift, and polished up his study of Synge, O' Brien, Yeats, and his beloved James Joyce, while writing hundreds of comprehensive articles and approx. six books. I once heard him refer to the book "The Widows Son" that he wrote in Ireland, as his favourite. I feel that the great celtic influences on the classic tale - Irish Fairy Tales - and folk tales, about any and everything Irish, help to distinguish the kind of "tale" we might be looking for. Swifts early work "The Tale of A Tub" for example, states my case clearly.

Tale of the Tribe
To continue this train of thought, maybe if we associate Joyce and Yeats with the word "Tale" to denote the unequaled Irish literary canon, then we can balance the equation with Ezra Pound and Marshall McLuhan helping us define the "tribe" half of the statement: "Tale of the Tribe".

The Tale involves the multiple points of view and literary devices of a master, the subtle imitations of common speech, space-time continuity and hologrammic architectural oversight (Portrait of the Artist, Ulysses, Finnegans Wake) to use the example of Joyce: the master of manufacturing moments of epiphany in a tale, a drunken shout in the Street. The tale reaches back to Homer's Odyssey, and still further around the camp fires and early dwellings of early hominids developing language and story; a way to bring several things together into a single moment of comprehension. The tale has an added ambiguity, close to that associated with myth, where the questions about truth and reality remain in a playful maybe state, rather than being a part of the fossil record or confined to a chronological, historical prison. The tale seems to be close in meaning to the parable or Koan utilized throughout various wisdom schools as thinking exercises and teaching tools.

The tribe, on the other side of the equation which I have divided up, for the sake of comparative study, seems to denote a designated group of people defined by their culture, language and group activity. The Speech of the Tribe might be different to the speech of the tale, in that the tribal speech generalizes subjective tales into doctrine and common laws, group contracts and constitutions. The speech of the tribe, in this model, aims to inform the populace with a general Unified theory of axioms, whereas the 'tale' type of speech, aims to correlate personal experience on the psychological realm of inner space, the anecdotal "Tale". The values and qualities that I propose here are, of course, interchangeable, and both Joyce and Pound figured out a new form of scripture and a new form of poetry to present this tale/tribe speech. Combining many styles and techniques and languages together and producing a successful synthesis, and probably the two greatest works of literature of the 20th' century, according to RAW, and i must concur; Finnegans Wake by Joyce and The Cantos by Pound stand head and shoulders above any other modern works of literary art, the perfected art/word of poetry. Nicholas of Cusa emerges as an important node in the tale of the tribe, he influenced Vico and so Joyce.

I have taken the tale of the tribe literally and over the last 14 months constructed a fictional Universe next door to the Universe of 1936, and placed 80% of the RAW TTOTT tribe in the context of an historical plot to change recorded history and avoid the Second World War. This 'Tale' called "Our Histories Back" seemed like the only way for me to present both aspects of the the tale of the tribe, or two aspects of a multiple tribe of aspects; the Novel including history, and the Long Poem. My long poem still under construction is called Shannanigums Wave, and contains dream tales at the end of each chapter, together both of these books are a part of my on-going research into the tale of the tribe, and an example of my own interpretations and shared feedback gathered together in a book form, made available as self published books at


Synge, A.E White, Mallarme',
Chales Olson, Hemmingway, Homer, T.S Eliot,
William S. Burroghs, Proust, O' Brien, Swift, Anthony Burgess, Shakespeare
Richard Bandler, Samual J. Dubois, Benjamin Whorf, Edward Sapir, Noam Chomsky, John Lilly
Tesla, Jack Parsons, Marconi,
Clint Eastwood, Crowley, Gurdjieff, Piccaso, Harry Smith, Fellini, Ed Wood
Terence Mckenna, Teilhard De Chardin, Madame Blavatsky,
John Dee, Edward Kelly, Mirandola, Shakespeare, Crowley, Regardie, NLP
Alan Watts, Picasso, Confucius, Crowley,
Leary, Rushkoff, Pesce, Davis, Doctorow, Sirius, Paul Levinson,
Von Neumann, Morganstern, Feynman, Schroedinger, Hamilton, Bohr, Einstein, Charles Fourier, Stibitz, Alan Turing, Eddington,
Derrida, Foucault, Cocteau, Deluze, Baudrillard, Breton, Hegal, Kierkagaard, Hume, Spinoza, Huserl
Alan Watts, Leary, Bucky, Burroughs, Ginsberg, Lilly, Bey, McKenna, Tom Robbins, Norman Mailer, Pychon, Vonnegut,

The TOTT has the limited infallability of the human nervous system as its subject matter, but with RAW's creative ability with languages, and by weaving a whole cloth of truth from spiral bound threads, such as RNA and DNA, Dr. Wislon makes the impossible possible, and pulls the consciousness of the reader out of the book world and into the existential world of experiment, feedback and Hilaritas.

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Some words on Dr. Wilson

Numerological Superstition often drives me to great to vistas of self discovery and fun, you know, having fun with language and logic, breaking the hinges off the doors to the cages that hold our lives captive, the categories and cages, the long corridors and hallways full of caged knowledge, even the artists have their caged dogmas, wild as all the other dogmas, frothing at the mouth, uncontrolled and biting with hungry jaws. I was dragged down this corridor just now by my own shirt tails, these letters are putting thoughts into categories, mistaking the act of communication for the thing itself, but I can hang for a while down here, getting dragged past the zoological specimens and laboratory experiments littering the taxonomists storage unit 1, a huge facility built beneath Greenwich London, where all stuff and things of the Universe are made, and made whole. Well, thats unless you ever get to see the bits these wholes are knocked up out of.

For the three years since Dr. Wilson passed, a small group of scholar-activists have been piecing together parts of his work into a working general hypothesis to approximate his special species of Gorrila Ontology, and Scientific Philosophy. For me the tale of the tribe seems to be a slippery slope, trying to put the network of ideas and individuals that RAW processed over 50 years into a new paragraph that shifts the reader to a balanced state, between discovery and knowledge. And makes one smile and think again outside of the last box they thought outside of. But what else is there to be done? I would like to thank the RAW tribes across cyberspace for continuing to publishing ideas and feedback on RAW work, I am confident this feedback is what he wanted most for us to pursue, and he meant to keep us busy with these questions for a few more years.

The cosmologies of Joyce and Pound for example can make a life-long study programme for anyone interested enough to sleuth through all the criticisms, essays and annotated projects, and with a sprinkle of Dr. Wilson and his condensed – gestalt – systems for accessing the wisdom contained within each of these cosmologies, and many more, you can self generate a globally aware hierarchy of values that take you right to the facts and the fictions of today’s “concressence” and “Electronic Bombardment” of information. So that the most basic of questions, starting with what is “Real” and what is “Un-real” can be exercised with a little Korzybski magic to reveal that the (is) part of the proposition contains the possible “ON” or “OFF” two valued logic that makes things “real” or “Not Real”. Switch belief on and off at will, you are still trapped in a binary system. Intelligence looks for a door,a three-valued logic or more, or a new paradigm entirely. My guess is that the purpose of this exercise is to show how language structures influence “reality” con-structures.

In a similar way to how Joyce was said to be able to do anything with Language, Dr. Wilson can do anything, and by doing this he simply turns experts into fakers and authority figures into mean spirited bullies. With simple logic, mathematical precision and strategic cunning RAW manages to “reverse every mental polarity” as Dr. Lilly once commented, and keep within the strict limits of scientific operationalism, journalistic styles, and street level intellectual language. DR. Wilson seems to be a kind of minority reporter, in the sense of the PKD novel, where evidence contrary to popular opinion, contrary to the pronouncements of scientific and religious dogmatists, and the rule of LAW presented fully sourced, verified and carefully balanced. The dream of the revolutionary, or the Gorilla Ontologist, who can carry all Mankind, Gods and Goddesses with him up the Mountainside, to trip acid with Buddha, Lenny Bruce and John Dillinger. Praise Bob.

Inspired by the structural analysis in
von Neumann and Morgenstern's Theory of Games and
Economic Behavior Mirror

By flyagaric23 (model/video) & Chu (background)

No rational interpretation of the events of August 1968 in Chicago, satisfactory to all participants and observers, has yet been produced. This suggests the need for value-free models, inspired by the structural analysis in von Neumann and Morgenstern's Theory of Games and Economic Behavior, which will allow us to express what actually occurred functionally, without tainting our analysis with bias or moral judgments. The model we will employ is that of two teams, an uphill motorcar race and a downhill bicycle race, accidentally intersecting on the same hill. The Picasso statue in the Civic Center will be regarded as "start" for the downhill motorcar race and "finish" for the uphill bicycle race. Pontius Pilate, disguised as Sirhan Sirhan, fires the opening shot, thereby disqualifying Robert F. Kennedy, for whom Marilyn Monroe committed suicide, as recorded in the most trustworthy tabloids and scandal sheets.

Joyce's waking women: an introduction to Finnegans wake
By Sheldon Brivic

ALP RAW WAKE 111 (2008) edit

Robert Anton Wilson
passed through the great river Liffey on 11th January, 2007. 1/11/07. As a student of synchronicity,I, like many others who have an interest in RAW works noticed the number 111 coded into RAW's last waltz. For those who wished to see it, of course. RAW loved James Joyce and his great work Finnegans Wake, and i have come to love the book too. RAW often writes about the number 111 and its relationship with the heroine (Zeroine) of Finnegans Wake: ALP.

"This 1:11 business turns out to be more curious than we realize at first, even if we note that it is connected with Bloom's son, who died at age 11 days, Shakespeare's son Hamnet who died at 11 years and the 22 (2x11) letters in the Hebrew alphabet or the 22 words in the first sentence of Ulysses. If ALP and APL invoke all this, the LAP, a further permutation, invokes the LAP where a Freemason wears his apron, as in Aleister Crowley's BOOK OF LIES, Chapter 54, in which some Freemasons guess that the lost Mason Word is AMO, whose number is 111, and some guess that it is LAP which also has the number 111. (By Cabala, AMO=A which is 1, M which is 40, and O which is 70, 1+40+70=111, while LAP=L or 30, A or 1, and P or 80, and 30+1+80=111.) William York Tindall, a Joyce scholar who likes to count, has noted that many long sentences in FW have 111 clauses. Anna Livia Plurabelle's untitled "mamafesta" in Chapter Five has 111 alternative titles; when sad, she is described as "wan wan wan"; in Chapter 8, she has 111 children. Most books on Cabala hiny at trancendental meanings in the fact that the Hebrew A or aleph=ALP=111 when spelled in full as aleph-lamek-pe. -- Robert Anton Wilson Coincidance.

To commemorate the 1st anniversary of RAW's voyage i thought i'd take a peek into FW and correlate some research together upon the 111/ALP epiphenomena. Acting upon a mostly mystical impulse i confess, acting as if 111 were a pregnant number conceived of at some Galactic Agency.  Another KEY to help enter over and into Finnegans Wake. Into RAW's Wake and the Universe.

"Alice Pleasence Liddel or ALP, "Finnegan said simply, "is one aspect of Anna Livia Plurabelle or ALP, the superwomen who contains all women, in Joyce's Finnegans Wake."

"Oh," I said. It seemed the only adequate comment.

"I have wondered, "de Selby went on, "if one can equate APL with ALP on cabalistic grounds, since both equal 111, what of PLA? But that is an irrelevance, i've decided. What is important is that in 1932 not only did Alice P. Liddell and John S. Joyce die, but the atom was split for the first time, and the 92nd chemical element was discovered--the last natural element, you see. For the first time in history, humanity had access to the energy of the stars and possessed a full catalog of the basic building blocks of the universe." - Robert Anton Wilson, The Horror of Howth Hill, email to the universe.

"Table 1


These columns indicate the principle moral ideas conected with the Sephiroth. The names  of the letters indicate rather the pictorial glyph suggested by the shape of the letter. But they also conceal a secondary meaning behind that of numerical value and the number of the Tarot trump of each. The value of the name of each letter modifies that meaning. For example, Aleph, while principally significant of Zero and Unity, expalins itself further by the number 111, the value of the leeters A.L.P. That is to say a study of the number 111 enables us to analyze the meaning of the number 1. It indicates, for instance, the trinitarian equasion 1 = 3. -- Aleister Crowley, 777, page 49.

I, one thing, as relation to one thing:

Hui sees relation to 10. --Ezra Pound, Canto CXI

"The text with its three-sided frame is very difficult to follow, but this is chiefly because it hides under its surface of dream Dublin chatter the strict doctrines of the ancient cabala. This makes much of the mystical significance of numbers. Thus, the creator - 'Ainsoph' in the cabala - is represented by the number 1. His heavenly consort is O (Joyce calls her 'Zeroine'). As he moves towards her the numbers 2 and 9 are produced, and, when they achieve union, the great 10 comes about. -- anthony burgess, HCE, pg 224

EXHIBIT A: Finnegans Wake. Page 111.

Coping with Joyce: essays from the Copenhagen symposium
By Morris Beja, Shari Benstock

peraw raw raw reeraw puteters out of Now Sealand in spignt

of the patchpurple of the massacre, a dual a duel to die to

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quinquegintarian (Terziis prize with Serni medal, Cheepalizzy's

Hane Exposition) and what she was scratching at the hour of

klokking twelve looked for all this zogzag world like a

goodishsized sheet of letterpaper originating by transhipt from Boston

(Mass.) of the last of the first to Dear whom it proceded to

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turned the mild on the van Houtens and the general's elections

with a lovely face of some born gentleman with a beautiful present

of wedding cakes for dear thankyou Chriesty and with grand

funferall of poor Father Michael don't forget unto life's & Muggy

well how are you Maggy & hopes soon to hear well & must now

close it with fondest to the twoinns with four crosskisses for holy

paul holey comer holipoli whollyisland pee ess from (locust may

eat all but this sign shall they never) affectionate largelooking

tache of tch. The stain, and that a teastain (the overcautelousness

of the masterbilker here, as usual, signing the page away), marked

it off on the spout of the moment as a genuine relique of ancient

Irish pleasant pottery of that lydialike languishing class known as

a hurry-me-o'er-the-hazy.

Why then how?

Well, almost any photoist worth his chemicots will tip anyone

asking him the teaser that if a negative of a horse happens to melt

enough while drying, well, what you do get is, well, a positively

grotesquely distorted macromass of all sorts of horsehappy values

and masses of meltwhile horse. Tip. Well, this freely is what

must have occurred to our missive (there's a sod of a turb for

you! please wisp off the grass!) unfilthed from the boucher by

the sagacity of a lookmelittle likemelong hen. Heated residence

in the heart of the orangeflavoured mudmound had partly

obliterated the negative to start with, causing some features

palpably nearer your pecker to be swollen up most grossly while --Finnegans Wake: Page 111. Part:1 Episode:5 Page:111

In the bag were fragments of the living substance of her dear lord - 'a christmas boxapiece for aisch and iveryone of her childer'. Her children are 1 hundred and Eleven in number (111 is the symbol of plentitude), and their names and the presents she gave them fill two and a half pages. --;anthony burgess, HCE, page 217.

EXHIBIT B: 111 RAINBOW girls and their presents.

Finnegans Wake, Page 209.

I promise I'll

make it worth your while. And I don't mean maybe. Nor yet

with a goodfor. Spey me pruth and I'll tale you true.

Well, arundgirond in a waveney lyne aringarouma she pattered

and swung and sidled, dribbling her boulder through narrowa

mosses, the diliskydrear on our drier side and the vilde vetchvine

agin us, curara here, careero there, not knowing which medway

or weser to strike it, edereider, making chattahoochee all to her

ain chichiu, like Santa Claus at the cree of the pale and puny,

nistling to hear for their tiny hearties, her arms encircling

Isolabella, then running with reconciled Romas and Reims, on like a

lech to be off like a dart, then bathing Dirty Hans' spatters with

spittle, with a Christmas box apiece for aisch and iveryone of her

childer, the birthday gifts they dreamt they gabe her, the spoiled

she fleetly laid at our door! On the matt, by the pourch and

inunder the cellar. The rivulets ran aflod to see, the glashaboys, the

pollynooties. Out of the paunschaup on to the pyre. And they all

about her, juvenile leads and ingenuinas, from the slime of their

slums and artesaned wellings, rickets and riots, like the Smyly

boys at their vicereine's levee. Vivi vienne, little Annchen! Vielo

Anna, high life! Sing us a sula, O, susuria! Ausone sidulcis!

Finnegans Wake, Page 210.

jary every dive she'd neb in her culdee sacco of wabbash she

raabed and reach out her maundy meerschaundize, poor souvenir

as per ricorder and all for sore aringarung, stinkers and heelers,

laggards and primelads, her furzeborn sons and dribblederry

daughters, a thousand and one of them, and wickerpotluck for

each of them. For evil and ever. And kiks the buch. A tinker's

bann and a barrow to boil his billy for Gipsy Lee; a cartridge of

cockaleekie soup for Chummy the Guardsman; for sulky

Pender's acid nephew deltoãd drops, curiously strong; a cough and

a rattle and wildrose cheeks for poor Piccolina Petite MacFarlane;

a jigsaw puzzle of needles and pins and blankets and shins between

them for Isabel, Jezebel and Llewelyn Mmarriage; a brazen nose

and pigiron mittens for Johnny Walker Beg; a papar flag of the

saints and stripes for Kevineen O'Dea; a puffpuff for Pudge Craig

and a nightmarching hare for Techertim Tombigby; waterleg

and gumboots each for Bully Hayes and Hurricane Hartigan;

a prodigal heart and fatted calves for Buck Jones, the pride of

Clonliffe; a loaf of bread and a father's early aim for Val from

Skibereen; a jauntingcar for Larry Doolin, the Ballyclee jackeen; >>

a seasick trip on a government ship for Teague O'Flanagan; a

louse and trap for Jerry Coyle; slushmincepies for Andy

Mackenzie; a hairclip and clackdish for Penceless Peter; that twelve

sounds look for G. V. Brooke; a drowned doll, to face

downwards for modest Sister Anne Mortimer; altar falls for Blanchisse's

bed; Wildairs' breechettes for Magpeg Woppington; to Sue Dot

a big eye; to Sam Dash a false step; snakes in clover, picked and

scotched, and a vaticanned viper catcher's visa for Patsy Presbys;

a reiz every morning for Standfast Dick and a drop every minute

for Stumblestone Davy; scruboak beads for beatified Biddy; two

appletweed stools for Eva Mobbely; for Saara Philpot a jordan

vale tearorne; a pretty box of Pettyfib's Powder for Eileen Aruna

to whiten her teeth and outflash Helen Arhone; a whippingtop

for Eddy Lawless; for Kitty Coleraine of Butterman's Lane a

penny wise for her foolish pitcher; a putty shovel for Terry the

Puckaun; an apotamus mask for Promoter Dunne; a niester egg

with a twicedated shell and a dynamight right for Pavl the Curate;"

Finnegans Wake, Page 211

a collera morbous for Mann in the Cloack; a starr and girton for

Draper and Deane; for Will-of-the-Wisp and Barny-the-Bark two

mangolds noble to sweeden their bitters; for Oliver Bound a

way in his frey; for Seumas, thought little, a crown he feels big;

a tibertine's pile with a Congoswood cross on the back for

Sunny Twimjim; a praises be and spare me days for Brian-the

Bravo; penteplenty of pity with lubilashings of lust for Olona

Lena Magdalena; for Camilla, Dromilla, Ludmilla, Mamilla, a

bucket, a packet, a book and a pillow; for Nancy Shannon a

Tuami brooch; for Dora Riparia Hopeandwater a cooling douche

and a warmingpan; a pair of Blarney braggs for Wally Meagher;

a hairpin slatepencil for Elsie Oram to scratch her toby, doing

her best with her volgar fractions; an old age pension for Betty

Bellezza; a bag of the blues for Funny Fitz; a Missa pro Messa for

Taff de Taff; Jill, the spoon of a girl, for Jack, the broth of a boy;

a Rogerson Crusoe's Friday fast for Caducus Angelus

Rubiconstein; three hundred and sixtysix poplin tyne for revery warp in

the weaver's woof for Victor Hugonot; a stiff steaded rake and

good varians muck for Kate the Cleaner; a hole in the ballad for

Hosty; two dozen of cradles for J.F.X.P. Coppinger; tenpounten

on the pop for the daulphins born with five spoiled squibs for

Infanta; a letter to last a lifetime for Maggi beyond by the ashpit;

the heftiest frozenmeat woman from Lusk to Livienbad for Felim

the Ferry; spas and speranza and symposium's syrup for decayed

and blind and gouty Gough; a change of naves and joys of ills

="">for Armoricus Tristram Amoor Saint Lawrence; a guillotine

shirt for Reuben Redbreast and hempen suspendeats for

Brennan on the Moor; an oakanknee for Conditor Sawyer and

musquodoboits for Great Tropical Scott; a C3 peduncle for

Karmalite Kane; a sunless map of the month, including the sword and

stamps, for Shemus O'Shaun the Post; a jackal with hide for

Browne but Nolan; a stonecold shoulder for Donn Joe Vance;

all lock and no stable for Honorbright Merreytrickx; a big drum

for Billy Dunboyne; a guilty goldeny bellows, below me blow

me,for Ida Ida and a hushaby rocker,Elletrouvetout,for

Who-issilvier -- Where-is-he?; whatever you like to swilly to swash,"

Finnegans Wake, Page 212.

Yuinness or Yennessy, Laagen or Niger, for Festus King and

Roaring Peter and Frisky Shorty and Treacle Tom and O. B.

Behan and Sully the Thug and Master Magrath and Peter Cloran

and O'Delawarr Rossa and Nerone MacPacem and whoever you

chance to meet knocking around; and a pig's bladder balloon for

Selina Susquehanna Stakelum. But what did she give to Pruda

Ward and Katty Kanel and Peggy Quilty and Briery Brosna and

Teasy Kieran and Ena Lappin and Muriel Maassy and Zusan Camac

and Melissa Bradogue and Flora Ferns and Fauna

Fox-Goodman and Grettna Greaney and Penelope Inglesante and Lezba

Licking like Leytha Liane and Roxana Rohan with Simpatica

Sohan and Una Bina Laterza and Trina La Mesme and Philomena

O'Farrell and Irmak Elly and Josephine Foyle and Snakeshead

Lily and Fountainoy Laura and Marie Xavier Agnes Daisy

Frances de Sales Macleay? She gave them ilcka madre's daughter

a moonflower and a bloodvein: but the grapes that ripe before

reason to them that devide the vinedress. So on Izzy, her

shamemaid, love shone befond her tears as from Shem, her penmight,

life past befoul his prime.

My colonial, wardha bagful! A bakereen's dusind with tithe

tillies to boot. That's what you may call a tale of a tub !"

Reichert (l.c.p.229) describes heroic language in Vico's words as halfway between divine and human or as a mixture of both; but he gives no example, leaving it to his readers to imagine what a heraldic language looked like, spoken and written an age before the invention of human language with its narrative potential and its logical implications. We would be lost, no doubt, had we not the lists of FW as fitting examples. As far as I can see, they agree with all descriptions given by Vico (l.c. 446, 484, 930 et al.). If this is correct then the lists in FW are an artist's realization of a philosopher's vision. - Joyce Foundation.

Soul Melts Into Air --Ezra Pound, Canto CXI

List 1 (071.10-072.16) is a "collision" (collection) of 111 abusive names given to the dreaming HCE by a drunken man (Shem?) who is demanding from him, the innkeeper, "more wood alcohol" after having been boozing already in six other Dublin pub. Joyce Foundation

Exhibit C: 111 abusive names.

FW, Page 71.

Firstnighter, Informer, Old Fruit, Yellow Whigger,

Wheatears, Goldy Geit, Bogside Beauty, Yass We've Had His

Badannas, York's Porker, Funnyface, At Baggotty's Bend He

Bumped, Grease with the Butter, Opendoor Ospices, Cainandabler,

Ireland's Eighth Wonderful Wonder, Beat My Price, Godsoilman,

Moonface the Murderer, Hoary Hairy Hoax, Midnight Sunburst,

Remove that Bible, Hebdromadary Publocation, Tummer the Lame

the Tyrannous, Blau Clay, Tight before Teatime, Real Your

Pantojoke, Acoustic Disturbance, Thinks He's Gobblasst the Good

Dook of Ourguile, W.D.'s Grace, Gibbering Bayamouth of Dublin,

His Farther was a Mundzucker and She had him in a Growler,

Burnham and Bailey, Artist, Unworthy of the Homely Protestant

Religion, Terry Cotter, You're Welcome to Waterfood, signed the

Ribbonmen, Lobsterpot Lardling, All for Arthur of this Town,

Hooshed the Cat from the Bacon, Leathertogs Donald, The Ace

and Deuce of Paupering, O'Reilly's Delights to Kiss the Man

behind the Borrel, Magogagog, Swad Puddlefoot, Gouty Ghibeline,

Loose Luther, Hatches Cocks' Eggs, Muddle the Plan, Luck before

Wedlock, I Divorce Thee Husband, Tanner and a Make, Go to

Hellena or Come to Connies, Piobald Puffpuff His Bride, Purged

out of Burke's, He's None of Me Causin, Barebarean, Peculiar

Person, Grunt Owl's Facktotem, Twelve Months Aristocrat,

Lycanthrope, Flunkey Beadle Vamps the Tune Letting on He's

Loney, Thunder and Turf Married into Clandorf, Left Boot Sent

on Approval, Cumberer of Lord's Holy Ground, Stodge Arschmann,

Awnt Yuke, Tommy Furlong's Pet Plagues, Archdukon Cabbanger,

Last Past the Post, Kennealey Won't Tell Thee off Nancy's Gown,

Finnegans Wake, Page 70.

Scuttle to Cover, Salary Grab, Andy Mac Noon in Annie's Room,

Awl Out, Twitchbratschballs, Bombard Street Bester, Sublime

Porter, A Ban for Le King of the Burgaans and a Bom for Ye Sur

of all the Ruttledges, O'Phelim's Cutprice, And at Number Wan

Wan Wan, What He Done to Castlecostello, Sleeps with Feathers

end Ropes, It is Known who Sold Horace the Rattler, Enclosed

find the Sons of Fingal, Swayed in his Falling, Wants a Wife and

Forty of Them, Let Him Do the Fair, Apeegeequanee Chimmuck,

Plowp Goes his Whastle, Ruin of the Small Trader,

He---Milkinghoneybeaverbrooker, Vee was a Vindner, Sower Rapes,

Armenian Atrocity, Sickfish Bellyup, Edomite,--'Man Devoyd of

the Commoner Characteristics of an Irish Nature, Bad Humborg,

Hraabhraab, Coocoohandler, Dirt, Miching Daddy, Born Burst Feet

Foremost, Woolworth's Worst, Easyathic Phallusaphist,

Guilteypig's Bastard, Fast in the Barrel, Boose in the Bed, Mister Fatmate, -- FW, Page 71.

"But the growing convergence of data from coincidence hunters and the latest theories in quantum physics suggest that the model that will tie all this together will be much more revolutionary than proof of ghosts or of UFO's or even of thought transference would be. We seem to be dealing with a force that is, as Kammerer said, as universal as gravity and without limitations in either space or time. --RAW, The physics of synchronicity, Coincidance.

Thanks MLA and all TOTT scholars and RAW lovers worldwide. Keep the Ravioli in Orbit!

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Fly Agaric 23 aka Steve.

Alchemy and Finnegans wake By Barbara DiBernard:


Edited from an essay i started in 2006 about my voyage to the States.
With added links and accentz.
.....Please excuse my lousy granmar and spilling.

Eternal Flower Power. by Fly agaric 23.

Following Korzybski, I put things in probabilities, not absolutes... My only originality lies in applying this zetetic attitude outside the hardest of the hard sciences, physics, to softer sciences and then to non-sciences like politics, ideology, jury verdicts and, of course, conspiracy theory. --RAW.

On April 10th, 2000 A. D I fly set keel to breakers and started a journey from Stourbridge bus station in the Black Country, England, to America. On a trip to confirm for myself that Dr. Robert Anton Wilson was a human being and not a .gov robot by checking BOB in performance for myself at the Prophets Conference Santa Fe, New Mexico. This trip, as you'll discover, was the beginning of an epic adventure for me, a classic journey in fact that must be turned into a Novel some time soon, maybe in 2008! ((or 2010?)

My trip brought me into orbit with RAW (Uncle "BOB") on several occasions, but also synchronistically many of the illuminated icons from the vast multi-colored cornucopia of critters all referenced and incorporated into his books; such as (Dr. John Cunningham Lilly, Saul Paul Sirag, Paul Krassner, R.U Sirius, Jack Sarfatti, and other's that I am still discovering, or they are discovering me? ). These remarkable meetings were satisfactory evidence for me at that time, and still today in retrospect i suppose, of what Bob describes very generally in the book "Coincidance": a term taken from James Joyce's masterpiece Finnegans Wake, roughly translating into the more widely referenced Jungian' term "Synchronicity". They only became satisfactory evidence though since i decided to write this bit of feedback, taking my trip seriously, meaningfully, rather than looking at my trip as a tourist holiday with planned events and meetings with these remarkable beings from planet America.

For instance, meeting R.U Sirius at the no.80 bus stop in Marin County one hot day only one week after he conducted his interview with the producers of what became the DVD movie "Maybelogic". Which i was also involved with at the time due to hearing of the project from the horses mouth earlier the previous year, September 2002. Maybe synchronicites increased in 2003 due to the irresistible force of the "23" enigma? But, when Bob told me of his up coming buzzing movie project called "Maybelogic" i swiftly contacted the producers and asked if i could help and get involved in any way. My goodness i thought, wow somebody is making a movie about RAW! Something i aspire to complete one day, and always wondered why the hell weren't there more movies about RAW and his books? Therefore i was floored with surprise when i was graciously given "Associate Producer" credits on the award winning movie and also included within the soundtrack under my production alias: fly agaric 23.

Fly agaric meeting R.U Sirius at a bus stop in Marin 2003 has the trademarks of a Joycean Epiphany to me now sitting in the sleepy town of Stourbridge, stirring my builders tea, slightly stoned, thinking of synchronicity and RAW.

Only one week after an auspicious meeting with two shamans from New Orleans at the Prophets Con.who synchronistically share their birthdays with my own (April 15th!, the famous day in history when the RMS Titanic sank) and also had a fondness for John Lilly, showing me "Programming and Metaprogramming the Human Bio-computer", (Currently OUT-OF-PRINT?), over a refreshing Marijuana cigarette. I was beginning to dream awake. Less than 14 days later I was greeting participants at the John Lilly symposium held at 3220 Sacramento street near the Presidio in San Francisco a city i did not originally plan to visit when i left on my tripto the States. A straight 10 on my own 'Koincidancometer'! John Lilly's famous quote that starts "In the province of the mind" features in RAW's classic book, and my original turn on "Cosmic Trigger" as does Saul Paul Sirag and Jack Sarfatti who also synchronistically were a part of the "LILLY" symposium!Both presenting brilliant tributes to John that I'm sure uncle Bob would have found fascinating if he would have been present. Neurology, Cosmology, Interspecies Communication, Medicine, Mathematics, Physics, Philosophy, Humor.

Another fragment from "Cosmic Trigger" featuring Dr. John Lilly is copied from the chapter entitled: "Some Egyptian gods intrude on the narrative and Our Lady of Space speaks again.

Page 111.

"Dr. John Lilly, who has duplicated much of Timothy Leary's research and supplemented it with hypnotic methods and Sufi yoga, describes many encounters with what seem to be extraterrestrial intelligences in his Programming and Metaprogramming the Human Bio-computer. Dr. Lilly agnostically examines also the possibilities that these transmitters are time-travelers from the future, very advanced Illuminati Adepts alive now on earth, "angels" in the traditional sense, or projected aspects go his own mind. In the Center of the Cyclone he says clearly:

Such a network [of Adepts] exists and functions... throughout this planet. I suspect it extends/farther than our earth, but this is yet to be publicly demonstrated unequivocally beyond the private experience of myself and others.

A network of adepts that extends far beyond our earth... that was what your narrator was gradually coming to believe, and here it was being said, with only slight reservation, by Dr. John Lilly - the man once defined by the New York Times as "a walking one-man syllabus of Western civilization." --Robert Anton wilson, Cosmic Trigger Page 111-114.

*(Pages 112 and 113 contain Egyptian and Dogon' Indian images or pictograms, both framed with images of the Goddess Nuit - the Egyptian divinity of the stars.

In retrospect, I feel like i temporarily contracted a kind of Forrest Gump' syndrome, I mean to say i can understand better now several years later, after learning a little more about RAW's worlds at the MLA and that many other people have an strange increase in synchronistic experiences when they read "BOB's" special writing. Strange but true for me. You either accept it or not, and I chose to accept it.

Occult characters from the books i loved so much and found attractive and awakening were manifesting themselves in the flesh in my life, in honor of Dr.John Lilly and in some sense including the physics of synchronicity, ECCO. Telepathy and space-time travel.... "Damn", i often thought to myself, i have a hell of a lot to learn. If you have seen some of the papers by Jack Sarfatti for example you will see what i mean. A thorough understanding of Newtonian physics and some of Einstein's special relativity seems necessary, or at least a familiarity with the special LANGUAGING equations used to describe the multi-dimensional stuff and things. The great Saul Paul Sirag, who wrote the epilogue to RAW's "Cosmic Trigger" delivered a talk mostly concerning G. Spencer Brown's "The Laws of Form" which Dr. John Lilly seemed to find particularly interesting.

I have not found any indications whatsoever from my outword-bound research that violence, depression or serious worrying can achieve anything but more suffering and dis-ease and confusion. Conversely - optimism compassion and love have been my own experiences with most of the characters and some of their doctrines from Cosmic Trigger, so i want to say yeah Bob was so right on time, many of the characters in Cosmic Trigger are alive and doing the things RAW is writing about them doing, in some sense. Evolving the worlds poly-culture.

"The great beasts that inhabited Europe, Asia and North America die off as a result of mutations and diseases caused by the solar flare. All relics of the Atlantean civilization are destroyed. The people who were Gruad's erstwhile countrymen are either killed or driven forth to wander the earth. Besides Gruad's Himalayan colony there is one other remnant of the High Atlantean era: the Pyramid of the Eye, whose ceramic substance resisted solar flare, earthquake, tidal wave and submersion in the depth of the ocean. Gruad explains that it is right that the eye should remain. It is the eye of God, the One, the scientific-technical eye of ordered knowledge that looks down on the universe and by perceiving it causes it to be. If an event is not witnessed, it does not happen; therefore, for the universe to happen there must be a Witness." --Robert Shea/Robert Anton Wilson, Illuminatus

To become the narrator, the protagonist, the author and the creative force, to become the MEDIA and the MESSAGE seems to me the most powerful and compelling messages worth SHOUTING OUT to others. Do it! Do it NOW! Write, sing, dance, sculpt, read, do poetry! Awake, get up and go any rediscover your shaman ally, your Holy Angels and Tricksters, go and write that spy story, that novel you were putting off'. Get the band back together. Tour, play, communicate. These kinds of messages poured into my life while reading BOB for the first time, the optimism began to ooze out of me too. I began to think like a mystic and a poet, and call myself one as thats what i was doing.

Thank goodness BOB introduced James Joyce and Finnegans Wake into my studies, as this book helps me to learn and to process this infinite regress of life, and ease the shock a little bit, of discovering the meaning of What? Who? When? Why? and its transient quality. I have decided that Hugh Kenner's "Uncle Charles Principle" which is really a James Joyce principle, pinpoints the subtle method of writing-out your multiple personalities, voices, demons, spirits, thoughts in a new fun way consistent with modern physics, cutting edge psychology and cognitive therapy and the spirit of global internet. See: "UNKLE BOB Principle".

For a better understanding of my own remarkable meetings and synchronistic timespace travels i will dive into RAW's book 'Coincidance' for pearls and let uncle BOB describe, in his own words, his own models and metaphors that revolve around James Joyce, Taoism and Physics:

"If we ask why this quantum ontology agrees so conveniently with the teachings of Buddhism and Taosim, and why both physics and Eastern mysticism agree with Finnegans Wake, the only answer seems to be that the deep structure of matter, experimentally investigated, contains the same paradoxes as the deep study of mind, when experimentally investigated by the techniques of meditation and Altered States of Consciousness. In the depths we do not find One Mind and One Reality, as Theists and materialists both imagine, but something so different from day-time concepts that it can only be categorized in contradictions." - Robert Anton wilson, Coincidance, Page 100.