Friday, January 22, 2010

Inner/Outer fiction/operating manual: Linear Shouting

Thanks to Bogus Magus for the link, that inspired this post:

A great wall of RAW wisdom and a piece roughly shaping the giant planet sized ball of light that RAW lifted up and presented to us, to marvel at in awe, and/or interact with, and/or begin to build our own, based up his?

I met Alex Burns in December 2000, in the company of RAW. Back then he demonstrated an understanding of RAW's works, and was introduced to RAW by Richard Metzger as 'a leading scholar on the works of Aleister Crowley.'

This piece by Alex makes a wonderful introduction to any study of RAW and his ideas. I think. And, would make a great introduction to a RAW book; something I have been anticipating from the Disinfo. company...

I especially liked the part where Bob speaks of 'The Bride of Illuminatus' and his historicism, by way of post-quantum fiction. Creating an unbroken continuity--spacetimecontiuum--where both the inner psychological and outer social 'challenges made up from our place, as humanity, in history, and timespace.

I think his balanced oscillations between operating manuals for navigating reality, by way of the Novel, and the manual (to draw a dualistic distinction) are like books for the day and books for the night, or, an interlinked NETWORK of literature that moves between the inner-psychological Jung/Campbell/Joyce worlds,

and the outer 'reality' social constructions of Popper/Bucky/Pound, again, drawing an approximate split between inner and outer, but this splitting area, or divide, abyss, chapel perilous, where the two flip' between each other's qualities like Bosons'

increases the total NETWORK of RAW's writing: that I often view as a powerful--synchronicity engine--because it spun me into the pistons and cylinders of processing and building up my own 'reality' tunnels, that help distinguish different parts of myself, and, different parts of others, and the other others in my external sensed impressions of 'realities'

To tie this sprawling post up, a bit,... I think these two different kinds of literature, networking off each other, provide a great strategy for collaborative artists who wish to explore science, religion, economics, politics, sociology, psychology etc., but without throwing out science fiction, poetry, Donald Duck, conspiracy theory, ideogramic method...

Mythology, 'para' sciences and on... The more that I see our culture moving away from these kind of integral studies into further specialization, the more potential-power these existing networks of RAW-wisdom gain.

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