Saturday, January 14, 2012

Machiavelli Mafia Atoms and Oil (MMAO)

Bob's grand encyclopedic writings on the subject of conspiracies covered a hell of a lot of ground, in this interview with Richard Smoley for Gnosis magazine, he highlights some of the more probable conspiracy theories, that since the interview in 1998 have proved themselves to be accurate predictions, based on earlier theories of Buckminster Fuller and deployed in Wilson's species of Maybelogic.

Smoley: Of all the conspiracies you've looked at over the years, which ones are you most inclined to believe in?

Wilson: I put them on a scale from zero to ten. With the ones I put above five, I'm more inclined to give then credit than to doubt theta. The ones I put above seven, that's pretty close to belief, except I try to shy away from belief, I think it's a dangerous state to get into.
Bucky Fuller has a theory of the Great Pirates - the sociopathic types who have always been the dominant force in history. The Great Pirates in modern times make up a group the abbreviates "MMAO": Machiavelli, Mafia, atoms, and oil. It's the international banks, the Mafia, and the atomic and oil cartels. He doesn't claim they work together, but they more or less make a singular force. But he also says that they're so engaged in conflicts with one another that they're steering Spaceship Earth in 50 different directions, which is why we're going around and we're not getting anywhere. I tend to find that fairly credi­ble. A simplification of it is Carl Oglesby's theory of the Yankee and Cowboy War - the war between Western and old Eastern wealth. Those seem fairly credible to me.--Robert Anton Wilson, 1998.