Sunday, March 20, 2016

Max Tegmark and Nick Bostrum on Killingry vs. Livingry.

The caption at the youtube link for the video reads:

"Max Tegmark and Nick Bostrom present to the UN the existential threat posed by the impending AI technologies."

I think that the speech could be viewed as many different things, perhaps a pleading to all governments and technology companies and weapons manufacturers, and traders in killingry to STOP.

You must stop now. Change the trajectory of your research to investment in livingry. Please, look at the evidence from the past, you don't know what the fuck you are doing! How about funding the wisdom teachings of happy technology, snuggles and eskimo kisses technology, stuff that may benefit all-around-the-world humanity, help end material scarcity and create tools to help us communicate clearer. As Buckminster Fuller put it 'Livingry, not Killingry'

What do you make of the speeches?

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Mass Fascism Of Trump Psychology.

Don't run. Have the courage to look at yourself!—Wilhelm Reich, Little Man. 

For over a year now i’ve resisted writing about, or giving energy to DonTrump, the Donald Trump campain, and his fanatical hordes of supporters. Perhaps i was wrong to ignore him? Maybe i should have started writing and warning my friends about him sooner? But how many of my friends are Trump supporters, how many would read these words and act upon them, who would follow the links that i recommend?

Flyting: Selected Writings 
by Steven James Pratt