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False flag consciousness, fire drills and missing backpacks

False flag consciousness, fire drills and missing backpacks

The news of the sad and sickly Boston marathon bombings started me on my usual trawl around the web to see what the alternative community were saying. Pretty soon I fell head first into the Alex Jones infowars broadcasts where he was already calling the events a false flag attack, almost immediatly after they happened, partly based upon reports of a ‘fire drill’ or ‘bomb drill’ taking place at that exact location and time of the 'real' explosions.

Like putting a seashell to your ear, I had a flood of thoughts after hearing these claims of a false flag attack and ‘fire drills’ taking place in Boston on that day, at that location. As Alex and other conspiranoids point out, correctly to my estimation, the London 7/7 bombings, the Madrid 3/11 bombings and the 9/11 bombings all coincided with similar ‘drills’ taking place on those dates, at those locations. Furthermore, some researchers have traced these drills to a global security company, at one time known as Kroll associates.

So we are already in pretty deep shark infested waters here when considering motives for false flag attacks,  all the worst of the already bad bunch consisting of CIA rogues, politicians, and lawyers are gathered around this international security and surveillance industry. (search for wikileaks cables on global security) Wide out in plane sight, unashamed of their dealing in weapons and spy-wear these few sickly individuals seem to have a handle on impacting global affairs. The big OIL firms, money houses, pharmaceutical families and of course, as mentioned 'spywear and weapons of death manufactures' call the shots, make policy, lobby and screw the system every which way to attain their goal; forwarding western capital and private monopoly ever Eastward based on ‘Genghis Khan’ economics (cannibalist blood-bully choke and dagger skulduggery)

These few may count as a secret society of simply the super-rich and super powerful, the secret spies and their money friends deploying their global agendas based on whatever they want to base it on. Possibly with a strong Christian capitalist, fundamentalist materialist, middle-right kind of a flex. Or, maybe a Skull and Bones, Bilderberger, Council on foreign relations, world-bank club of mostly white, mostly male players. No conspiracy to see here folks, (no ontological status but still, a strong epistemological footing)

To fairly consider the possibility that 9/11 was an inside job, orchestrated and planned by a small highly secret U.S cabal of intelligencer/bankers and global terrorist rat-lines (traced back to the second world war, those Nazis again, the Gehlen Org) you have to have a reasoning outside of the patriotic, ask no questions of authority view. Here stands an opportunity to deploy multiplistic thinking, fair philosophical reasoning and statistical analysis, here lies a situation primed for a maybe-logical investigation. Based on probabilities and better questions, and perhaps even a sense of humor in the face of such dire tragedy and fear bomb.

The conspiracist’ exorcises these regions of the mind and also goes so far as to make new connections, or accents on existent connections, to make the reader think, next to discovering the single truth’ about what actually happened? With a wide and colourful array of possible scenarios, presented in a fair and balanced way, the thinker can improve their operations, and the improvement can itself bring wisdom and new understanding, and help cut through any fatalistic fundamentalist ideology encountered in daily life.

At least with Alex you get something different to the BBC and CNN FOX network dribble that would never entertain the idea of secret government interference and manipulation of events, due in part to their keeping in step with their corporate and/or government bosses. But I’ll leave the mainstream media critique for another blog. Here it’s Alex Jones, and the somewhat overly paranoid tone of his sensational claims of a hidden-hand behind many events of a significant terror factor to warrant a mention.

Alex Jones and his team hit all the buttons, but, I think, hits on them so hard that the keyboard breaks and the noise becomes unbearable. If you can apply some surgical ‘maybelogic’ gloves when handling Alex and infowars, there is lots of good mental exorcise and deconstructive scenario-games to play. If you enjoy that sort of thing, which I do, due to my attention to the writing and side-steppt’ thinking of Dr Robert Anton Wilson, who i suspect a proper master craftsperson, creating good information mosaics that inform and delight. Consistently balanced, open minded and playful, inventive. As Hakim Bey puts it:

“Rather than speak of conspiracy theory we might instead try to construct a poetics of conspiracy. A conspiracy would be treated like an aesthetic construct, or a language-construct, and could be analyzed like a text. Robert Anton Wilson has done this with his vast and playful "Illuminati" fantasy. --

Now, a few days down the line we see the more mainstream media relaying stories of FBI involvement with the 2 bombers and/or patsies. The internet is alight with questions about backpacks, men with a certain military look swarming around the scene of the blast before during and after, one guy with a backpack, then pictured without it. Then we have questions about the Boston lock down and search for door to door search for one guy, and the car chase that allegedly involved shooting guns and throwing explosives out the car window none of which is caught on camera and released. We have Family Guy and the pulled episode that includes scenes of killed runners in a marathon and a separate scene of accidently detonating two bombs with a cell phone. There’s even a video on youtube claiming Family Guy also has traces of 9/11 and 7/7 in episodes aired shortly before these events, but I would have to watch that video again with good company to convince myself that Seth Macfarlane is not a CIA dupe.

Are the bombings more distractions from the slower terrorism carried out by those that are too big to fail and too big to jail? Another impossible puzzle, like the JFK assassination and 9/11, to take up more time and focus of the alternative community than Game of Thrones? leading everybody who tries to make sense of this cluster-fuck of disinformation around Boston into a conspiranoid paralysis?

Who knows? I certainly don’t, but I do find it sad to once again see such an outbreak of certainty and judgement on behalf of the authorities and their news dogs. Your best bet, once again is to think for yourself and question authority.

9 certified mistakes, however, were reported (and recorded) by the news press, and can be considered in part here:

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