Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wikileaks and a new Global Epic?

Wikileaks and the new Global Epic?
By Steve 'fly agaric 23'

A global epic poem including History or 'tale of the tribe' aspires to create a planetary synthesis of symbolic information, striving for a balanced Multi-cultural 'exhibit' a tale that moves from geographical location to individual 'speech' to the global 'stage' while illuminating special details, and often therefore creating a whole new style. Is Wikileaks a whole new style?  

A global epic hopes to bring new information to the people, to inform them of a Global Picture, and to lift the general heart--that great ball of crystal--up to the light, sharing the sources and holding 'objectivity' and 'fairness' in mind, body, and speech whenever possible. Attention to the source, the root causes and the marrow.

In short, with a good editor, the Wikileaks files and their novel methods of distribution maybe a rough outline of 'the tale of the tribe' in some sense: a new global communication network of texts and speech that record a period of evolution into the information activist age. Are they a record of our trajectory towards 'open source' internet and the potential for radical political change, does Wikileaks present a model for planetary synergy? Is Wikileaks demonstrating superior intelligence and methodology that--obsoletes--what came before it? Are the texts sacred and Holy? What makes a text holy, what gives a text its security clearance level, how do secretness and sacredness relate to one another?  

Wikileaks obsoleted and changed 'secret intelligence' into public reading material, producing a new widely read—fragmented--Global Epic, (in the hands of some journalists and writers) a specially edited series of texts, and video, that change--and change utterly--the entire worlds perception of Justice, equality and fairness at the highest levels of Government and Corporate business.

May I suggest a few pointers for individuals interested in 'the tale of the tribe' as a way of interpreting Wikileks, and that may extend the possibilities of ‘poetry’. Maybe set some scenes to verse or to some music, an Opera with the strongest voices you could muster, mash-ups, theatre and stage shows, stand-up routines, photoshop jobs, paintings and tales.

1. E-Prime:
Presents an alternative way of thinking and processing languages that removes the 'essentialism' the 'isness' and the 'spooks' from writing and speech, acting as a defence system against many shades of bullshit and 'spin'; a tool for nurturing semantic hygiene and 'good sense' when interpreting messages. I’m still learning to introduce E-prime, on occasion into my own communication in 2010.

2. RAW: Dr. Robert Anton Wilson:
Continues to inspire millions of alternative thinkers and writers around the world, this article is dedicated to RAW (please see CYBERNETIC RAW SOURCE) and I hope anyone reading this who has not yet read him will READ HIM. He defined our current information explosion over 50 years in his works in a clear and witty manner. He also created a character called Hagbard Celine who influenced an entrie generation of 'information hacktivists' and 'abstractivists'. 

3. Global Village of Marshall McLuhan
Marshall McLuahn, like Dr. Robert Anton Wilson, imagined a new world of the electric man connected by Trillions of nodes in a Global Praxis of electric signals and ‘info’ clippings. His model of the Global Village and environs gives us a pre-internet 'lesson or two' in information processing sensory bias and world literature, and in ‘the tale of the tribe’ McLuhan’s ideas may synthesize all six of these pointers and has the punch line—summary’s--for understanding how Wikileaks impacts the Global Village and the electronic man.

4. Planetary Synergetics of Bucky Fuller
Buckminster Fuller teaches us with a Planetary ‘synergy’ model, also pre-internet; that exhibits evidence for an all-around-the-world revolution in information processing, design science, nano-technology and further semantic hygiene, a design science and ‘language’ revolution. Bucky's World Game can show players the impact and difference between what he calls 'Killingry' 'Livingry' essential differentials in any 'Wikileaks' equation, I think.

5. The Cantos of Ezra Pound.
Ezra Pound's ‘Cantos’ maybe a blue-print for a poetic presentation of the 'illuminated' details of history re-illuminated by Wikileaks. The Cantos exhibit a wonderfully Global mixture of ‘tales’ and show us the possibilities of poetry and history copulating. To hang speech next to speech so as to compare and reflect, the Cantos help us distinguish information from noise, I think, read them and study Pound’s ‘Juxtaposition’ and ‘Ideogrammic Method’.  

6. Finnegans Wake and James Joyce.
Finnegans Wake can teach us information processing on every page. What does it mean, what does it refer too, who is speaking, where is the action taking place? James Joyce can teach everybody to read and hopefully to also write and speak with a critically balanced perception, a Celtic Taoist sensibility, and to never ever forget the bawdy comedy of leaking secret letters and telling tales and spreading gossip and what’s holy.

--Steven 'fly agaric 23' Pratt.

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