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TSOG: Inspired by The Tale of the Tribe MLA class 2007.

"The true patriot does not love his government. The true patriot loves his country and watches his government," Darryl Eberhart.

"In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies - Winston Churchill to Joseph Stalin

In some of the unforgettable courses led by Dr. Wilson at Maybelogic Academy such as Non-Euclidean politics, Illuminatus and The Tale of the Tribe we were presented - for class course-work - his insightful essay TSOG [march 2001] also the title of his book TSOG: [The thing that ate the Constitution] published by New Falcon. The essay seems to me a condensed overview of some of RAW's general concerns: The Tsarist Occupation Government - it's infestations and historical lineage throughout the 20th century, with a focus upon the United States of America. i.e The CIA-Nazi-Tsarist aliegence.

Not surprisingly to many, some parts of RAW's repertoire often get buried, ignored and shrugged off. Fewer folk seem to have looked further into the conspianoid world of TSOG and fewer still dare publish their findings, at least without direct reference to RAW's essay TSOG. This essay is an attempt at just that. 

RAW has this TSOG theme running throughout most of his works as a neurolinguistic hook, one single colour in his rainbow of themes, a part of his general method that i like to call holographic prose - orienting the readers nervous system into a more balanced, awake state. A Maybe state.

My interpretation of maybelogic and E-prime are under development and I hope the reader will be gentle with any assertions i make. Writing about RAW and his works seems like writing about Einstein or Alfred Korzybski sometimes, such is his genius and complexity that i often wonder what words can possibly simplify his ideas, yet contributing at the maybelogic academy and upon the various courses with RAW i feel inclined to simply write out my subjective experiences and share them with others.

I wish more people from the Maybelogic Academy would feedback their experiences, we need every bright bard and mystic and Discordian to help turn the tide. Maybelogic Quarterly is such a vehicle, and so i choose to write about RAW explicitly riding the seat of my pants. I aim to provide something of interest to the Maybelogicians and also the general public who may not have read a book since leaving school. I also strive to provide something that RAW himself might enjoy, as he has provided such pleasure and insight and brevity with his own work.

I have re-read the TSOG essay and gone back over some of my posts from the various courses in which this essay was set as the foundation for a weekly assignment, adding a few of my own personal experiences and independent research, guided by lady synchronicity and her band of rapscalions; bringing them up to date and into timespace. Within the last few months [october-December 2006] i have noticed an upsurge of faith based political ideologies and the kind of spooky government behavior that RAW's TSOG essay [March 2001] warns us about so passionately and urgently. I therefore also find an urgency in bringing TSOG and my own interpretations of it to the public - crossing the Atlantic to share this wisdom with Britain and the United States of Europe seems critical if we are to better understand the forces at work within this conspiracy.

I tackle this challenging subject by spinning quotes [mostly from Pound's Cantos] as orienteering tools that help the images connect and take root.

I'll synthesize unconsciously--the quotes--into my own musings about TSOG, hopefully turning hash browns into roast beef. My aims and objectives are to produce an original revisionist historical research investigation that thinks globally and acts locally. It is Conducted and spun by a working class but unemployed British DJ, poet, drummer and swimactivist for the express purpose of drawing attention to the TSOG as described by RAW and including my own 5 penny contributions and weird feedback - something RAW encouraged upon the courses.

Ezra Pound writes: "Peace comes of communication".  So pick up your pens and do it. Keep thinking. Asking questions and conducting research.  

Fly Agaric 23.

Everybody who has ever worked for a corporation knows that corporations conspire all the time. Politicians conspire all the time, pot-dealers conspire not to get caught by the narcs, the world is full of conspiracies. Conspiracy is natural primate behavior.
--ROBERT ANTON WILSON.The I in the Triangle, speech held at a bookstore in Santa Cruz, California (1990).

For more info on the Gehlenapparat, see The Yankee and Cowboy War by Carl Oglesby, Berkeley Medallion, NY, 1977; and Everything Is Under Control by RAWilson,
Harper, NY, 1998. The best overview of TSOG/CIA operations in general is Norman Mailer's docu-novel
Harlot's Ghost, Random House, NY, 1991, in which Angleton appears as "Hugh Montague" and Gehlen has a walk-on under his own name.
On the Gladio/P2 side of the TSOG, excellent books include The Strange Death of God's Banker, Foot and della Torre, Orbis, London, 1984; The Calvi Affair, by Larry Gurwin, Pan, London, 1984; The Brotherhood, by Stephen Knight, Grenada, London, 1984. The Calvi "ghost banks" and their strange links with real banks, including Chase Manhattan, are discussed amply in In Banks We Trust, Doubleday, NY, 1984, by Penny Lernoux, who leaves open the question of how many of the real banks were unwitting accomplices and how many knew what was going on and just kept mum while raking in the profits.
In God's Name, by David Yallop, Cape, London 1984, covers all this in greater depth, and also explores Licio Gelli's role in creating fake ID for Nazi war criminals, whom he later farmed out to the CIA death squads. It also adds Pope John Paul I to the list of mysterious deaths involving the Vatican Bank, along with Pecorelli, Moro, Calvi et. al.
My current acceptance that the Mafia killed Calvi [in previous writings I was unsure] rests on the confession of Calogero Ganci, a Mafia hitman turned informant, who says he strangled Calvi himself. See London Times, 20 June 1996. Ganci was never told why the mob wanted "God's banker" dead; his job was to kill people, not to ask rude questions. Mrs. Calvi, the widow, still claims the orders came from the Vatican.
Our current Tsar's war crimes are documented in "Overwhelming Force," by Seymour Hersh, The New Yorker, 22 May 2000.
The best depth analysis of Mystical Tsarism remains The Mass Psychology of Fascism, by Wilhelm Reich, M.D. Farrar, Strauss and Giroux, New York, 1970. Although Dr Reich doesn't analyze Tsarism in particular, he relates Fascism to the dogmatic religions, faith in "leaders" ["little Fathers"]and sexual misery of all the "Patriarchal Authoritarian" regimes throughout history, and his major bio-psychological theorems describe both Russian and American Tsarism as neatly as they fit the Holy Inquisition or German-Italian Fascism.
Or -- you can find most of this data, in one form or another by simply surfing the web. Set your search engine for "Rheinhold Gehlen," "Cisalpine Bank,""Licio Gelli," "Gladio" and all the other individual and group names in this synopsis, and you'll be astounded at how many Dirty Secrets are now open to the light of day.

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