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"Keep the Ravioli in Orbit" --Robert Anton Wilson

artwork by Bobby Campbell.

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“All words transmitted as sonic or visual signals—sound waves or light waves—rapidly become photons, electrons, neurotransmitters, hormones, colloidal reactions, reflex arcs, conditioned or imprinted “frames,” physiological responses, etc. As they impact upon the total synergetic organism. –RAW, Black Magic and Curses.

"This book intends to change your way of percieving/conceiving the world, without drugs or drums or voodoo, simply by using words in certain special ways." --RAW, E-mail to the Universe.

"In another district of the Gesternheutemorgenswelt meanwhile it's Sunday, March 18th, 2007, and, well, here we are… for one last 23 skidoo, clearing the wire with an important signal coming through from the agnostic wing of Heaven. Robert Anton Wilson went out through the wall into the fire, into the simultaneous parity of eternity, into the splendid timeless fanfare of a life that he has somehow managed to survive, with 35 books weaving his idea in their spectacular diversity, weaving his luminescent consciousness into the intellectual DNA of our painfully slow developing society, and dancing somewhere with his wife, back when he could still dance, and she was still alive."--Alan Moore

"I want to use Internet to accelerate human evolution by replacing faith-based decisions with research-based decisions. The others have similar or compatible goals. Our class leaders include R.U. Sirius, cyber-philosopher; Patricia Monaghan, goddess researcher; Alan Clements, Buddhist monk and activist; Peter Caroll, mathematician and inventor of Chaos magick; Douglas Rushkoff, media maven; and others will join up soon. --RAW [Talking of the Maybelogic Academy]

"The normal is that which nobody quite is."
--Arlen Riley Wilson

"And the Beast said,
By their pee shall ye judge them
And by your pee shall ye be judged
And all shall be judged by their pee
And in the snow shall their names be written
--Stun de Xim, Book of TSOG

"Coldcut and Mixmaster Morris present a tribute to Robert Anton Wilson. Join the two Grandmasters of the British electronic scene in a one-off Audiovisual spectacular dedicated to RAW, one of the greatest freethinkers of modern times. Special guests `Watchman` author Alan Moore, Ken Campbell and Bill Drummond. A classic happening. Hail Eris!
Sunday 18 March 2007, 7:45 P.M.
@ Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre, London" [see Group picture]

"Is," "is." "is" — the idiocy of the word haunts me. If it were abolished, human thought might begin to make sense. I don't know what anything "is"; I only know how it seems to me at this moment. "--Sigismundo Celine, The Historical Illuminatus.

"A change in language can
transform our apprehension of
the cosmos'
- Benjamin Lee Whorf.

"The greatest of all crimes are the wars that are carried on by governments, to plunder, enslave, and destroy mankind.The next greatest crimes committed in the world are equally prompted by avarice and ambition; and are committed, not on sudden passion, but by men of calculation, who keep their heads cool and clear, and who have no thought whatever of going to prison for them. They are committed, not so much by men who violate the laws, as by men who, either by themselves or by their instruments, make the laws; by men who have combined to usurp arbitrary power, and to maintain it by force and fraud, and whose purpose in usurping and maintaining it is by unjust and unequal legislation, to secure to themselves such advantages and monopolies as will enable them to control and extort the labor and properties of other men, and thus impoverish them, in order to minister to their own wealth and aggrandizement. The robberies and wrongs thus committed by these men, in conformity with the laws,--- that is, their own laws ---are as mountains to molehills, compared with the crimes committed by all other criminals, in violation of the laws. --Lysander Spooner

Animals outline their territories with their excretions, humans outline their territories by ink excretions on paper. --RAW, Prometheus Rising.

"Events which appear crude or offensive in the instant
may become, with a change of perspective, somewhere between droll and riotously funny." --Hannibal Lecter, M.D

"Do not pester people at home.
Do not annoy them at work.
Leave them alone, or they will curse you."
--Dao De Jing, 72

"What amazes me most is the piss police. Even Kafka and Orwell--who wrote the craziest, most far out satires on totalitarianism that their wild surrealist imaginations could imagine--they did not include piss police. And yet we got them and the American public just gullibly and submissively accepts it. --RAW

"I used to be an atheist, until I realized I had nothing to shout during blowjobs. "Oh Random Chance! Oh Random Chance!" just doesn't cut it. -- RAW.

"Maybe Logic is a label that got stuck on my ideas by filmmaker Lance Bauscher. I decided it fits. I certainly recognize the central importance in my thinking -- or in my stumbling and fumbling efforts to think -- of non-Aristotelian systems. That includes von Neumann's three-valued logic [true, false, maybe], Rappoport's four-valued logic [true, false, indeterminate, meaningless], Korzybski's multi-valued logic [degrees of probability.] and also Mahayana Buddhist paradoxical logic [it "is" A. it "is" not A, it "is" both A and not A, it "is" neither A nor not A]. But, as an extraordinarily stupid fellow, I can't use such systems until I reduce them to terms a simple mind like mine can handle, so I just preach that we'd all think and act more sanely if we had to use "maybe" a lot more often. Can you imagine a world with Jerry Falwell hollering "Maybe Jesus 'was' the son of God and maybe he hates Gay people as much as I do" -- or every tower in Islam resounding with "There 'is' no God except maybe Allah and maybe Mohammed is his prophet"?

The Snafu law holds that, the greater your power to punish, the less factual feedback you will receive. If you can fire people for telling you what you don't want to hear, you will only hear what you want. This law seems to apply to all authoritarian contraptions, especially governments and corporations. Concretely, I suspect Bozo knows factually less about the world than any dogcatcher in Biloxi. The Cosmic Schmuck law holds that [1] the more often you suspect you may be thinking or acting like a Cosmic Schmuck, the less of a Cosmic Schmuck you will become, year by year, and [2] if you never suspect you might think or act like a Cosmic Schmuck, you will remain a Cosmic Schmuck for life." --RAW

"Peace comes of communication."
-- Ezra Pound

“All forms of Black Magik therefore, depend on confusing and mingling these two classes: the nonverbal experiential and the verbal nonexperiencial.” RAW, Black Magick and Curses.

"Congress shall make no law abridging freedom of speech
or of the press..."
-- Anon [found in an ancient historical text]

"To live effectively is to live with adequate information"
-- Norbert Weiner

Full London RAW Memorial Tribute video here:

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