Monday, March 23, 2020

Coronavirus Conspiracies - #CoronaMoron #Xenophobia

“Never underestimate the stupidity of people in large groups”

It is man-made in lab

It is man-made in

It is man-made

It is man -

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No matter where you are on earth, I sincerely wish you good luck with tackling this new virus, and that you can help work together with everybody else in defeating it, slowing the spread, flattening the curve, keeping a two-meter distance between each other, not to overcrowd or stress the already...stressed medical services.

Sadly, yes... I’m sure you've seen and heard the tsunami of conspiracy theories based around the novel coronavirus. I’m usually in a more playful mood to tackle these difficult issues, with luck, bringing clarity to the situation, while at the same time defining my thoughts and educated guesses, and exploring my prejudice. Excuse me while I hold my nose and swim in the sewage and report back.

I noticed that groups who previously held particular beliefs modified and updated them to now feature Covid 19. A new reason to hate foreigners or to connect and love your neighbours. One example is the far-right Italian politician Matteo Salvini, who was quick to point the finger at immigrants, missing the fact it was religious tourists (if you were to make a sweeping generalization) who were, statistically, responsible for the rapid spread in Italy. Two of his own bodyguards were reported to be infected with the virus.

If I were to examine myself, I can track a similar train of thought but following my thoughts to the Conservative Party and their VoteLeave campaign and Brexit...existing systems of beliefs. I have constructed models over the last four years from which I can now build my conspiracy theory. And I admit it, it’s a theory, right. One example involves alt-right Pound shop Machiavelli Dominic Cummings, the brains behind both VoteLeave and Herd Immunity. Millions of people have raised huge concerns about Boris Johnson’s Chief advisor who, like American far-right one-time advisor to Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, leaves a trail of destruction, lies and disinformation only topped by Putin himself. How this disinformation compares with that of China must be evaluated by that great Disinfo-meter you have in your shed! A hell of a lot of liars on the world stage, let’s settle at that. So who do we trust? Stephen Fry, James O’Brien or other reliable upstanding Brits, capable of listing this giant ball of dung? No, many slouch toward Farage and those very scoundrels who sold you the lies that now, have increased the probability that you or your friends or your family could die as a result.

My own guess at a conspiracy, if I were to be so stupid as to use that term these days, or my series of not too well known guesses, goes like this: the third week in November 2019 a novel coronavirus jumped from either a bat or pangolin, or chimera of the two, to humans, probably due to the horrific conditions found at exotic meat-markets in the Wuhan district of China. The Chinese authorities, like most but not all across the planet in 2019, acted slowly and in secrecy at first, shutting down whistleblowers and any who tried to spread the news about how dangerous this new strain is, or any dissenters. Right here...I ask myself if it would have broken out in a disgusting meat-processing plant in Britain how would the response have been? Far far worse in my opinion, based on Brexit, the 2019 UK general election and the current foggy moggy guidelines Cumming, out of number 10.

….to continue, by February, Dominic Cummings has done his sickly sordid homework and consulted his network of suicide-germ-bombers (possibly including his Russian and American equivalents) and is fully prepared to propose Herd Immunity strategy to the Tory party and only the Tory party. Unwilling to share ANYTHING with other scientists, health professionals, data analysts, security analysts, MI5? 6? Either way, his Herd Immunity was taken as the policy for weeks and weeks, and arguably, right there, his work is done. That’s the conspiracy. My best guess, from a UK perspective, of the probable conspiracy to cull the population of Britain. Just like America. There is one man at the epicenter, his name is Dominic Cumings. May future generations never forget this man, and how he was let into power over the realm and how he may have single-handedly murdered somebody you knew. Okay. As you were.

A Chinese telecommunications giant, Hwaiwai, has been in the news long before Covid-19 adding to any existing Xenophobia and racism, in Britain. I repeat...existing racism and Xenophobia. Together with the proposed introduction of 5G networks across Britain and the world over the last three years or so, has come a gaggle of conspiracies. Many of which are pushed by popular mouth-pieces, now legendary for their big claims and little scientific criticism, both of the material and themselves. The alt-right and some other outliers, have already got behind such spurious claims like 5G networks send out frequencies that mess with your cells and immune system. Nonsense as far as I can tell, but a vacuum of nonsense where many fear to tread, and where the alt-right recruit the gullible and angry and nasty to do their bidding to stay stupid.

What is the alt-left conspiracy? The WHO and the UN and the E.U and NATO and Russia and China? Soros? Corbyn? Every and any major power structure that is not, alt-right or under control of the to blame. Soros and Hilary and the Democrats and Bernie and Corbyn and...Macron? Merkel? How many power structures and deep-state forces? How many are wrestling for battle space supremacy now? Complexity and chaos upon the complex and disorder. Who are you? Are you equipped to reach a meaningful conclusion? And me? Here we are, each and every one of us trying to unravel world history and the cause and effect and the blame and emotions fight, to suppress suspended judgement and the urge to act.

The same liars and morons who sold Brexit and VoteLeave have sold Herd Immunity too. Many of those currently grazing, based on scenes around Dudley...are sadly going to physically feel the effect of their lack of critical thinking and that old nugget, common sense. The anger and frustration is in the fact that many others will suffer and die due to this thick-as-two-short-planks approach championed by the Vote Leave campaign.

That same Xenophobia and racism is still alive and kicking, quickly mutating hate faster than the virus itself, switching to projecting their own insecurity to Asians and those communist Chinese. Some of the stupid and nasty alt-right “I’m all right Jack” “Take back control” morons in the UK are adopting the blame China gang. With a degrading flurry of conspiracies that point the finger at any and all who are not them, the 5G conspiracies and the Wuhan bio-weapon conspiracies, and then the deep-state model that fits their view of the world. The Russians did it, the Chinese did it, the Americans did it. Each of these conspiracies disregards the fact that the virus, most probably, jumped from animals to humans in late November 2019. I guess the reason is in part anthropocentric, putting MAN at the centre of all things. Joining the fundamentalist religious people in blind-faith, unable to come up with a design science solution, or take on board the probability that nobody, no group, is IN CONTROL. Uncertainty rules okay.

People in the UK spitting at Police and Doctors, and purposefully spreading this virus, they are the same right-wing hooligans who have been fucking up the country for years. They must be stopped, quickly. NO left-leaning political activist or Labour-supporting activist I know would ever SPIT at somebody to give them a life-threatening virus and help spread it. This suicidal approach is the domain of the alt-right, from my experience with the psychology of these selfish morons, together with pushing fake news and computer-viruses and other tools of chaos and disruption, thinking that they are “sticking it to the elites” when really they are sticking it to their own grandparents and perhaps the whole family, who knows?

I do not know either, these are my educated guesses. I’ll get back to poetry and prose rich in happy optimistic thoughts now I have got some of this gunk off my chest. I sincerely hope this does not end up like the purge, however, I can bet you that in the UK and the USA some but not all news outlets will cover stories as if it were.

The far-right alt-right elements, and all political extremism and ideological racism need to be considered a top priority by any government interested in its future. These people and their toxic ideology need to be quarantined indefinitely, the safety and future of all humanity depend on it. Emergency services across the world need to be prepared for such a violent outbreak and have detention centres equipped to deal with these lunatics separately to others who may have caused disturbances or broken curfew rules but are not CRAZY enough as wanting to infect everybody, based on the Cumings/Bannon Herd Immunity strategy.

How do you tell them apart? Mostly male, between ages 30 and 50, have a potbelly, balding and have tattoos and/or football tattoos, speak in paraphrases from the Daily Mail and The Sun newspapers. Have a tendency to wear baseball hats and flat caps, often items of Stone Island clothing, or Louis Vitton, may wear black sunglasses of the small “data from star-trek” variety. Shouting “take back control” “we’ll be okay, the spirit of the blitz.” I’ve rolled up all my own prejudice and translated them into non-scientific observations based upon my own experiences. No science here. This is my prejudice on show. 

Naked, I stand before you. This is my conspiracy theory, my best-educated guess. What's your's? Weapons lab in China....what?  Usually, and most of my days I write and play music and make music and share music and best guesses lead me to invest time in creating light and sweetness and beauty in the face of ugliness and pessimism and anger, leading to know how it goes.

Forgive my prejudice and give me the strength to forgive any of those I deem responsible.
I love you all, just not equally, and some of that love I hope makes some of you feel uncomfortable in your skin knowing you let it sit dormant, my love can come with fierce blessings.

"Glove all the people"
"Don't stand so close to me"
"Nazi punks fuck off"


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