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Support Your Artists To Strengthen Your National Security


But it is the names of the artists who have yet to grace those stages, the artists the public do not yet know and risk never knowing, that we should be talking about. Grassroots music venues aren’t about the past of our music industry, they are about its future.–Mark Davyd.

Yes, I’m an artist, musician, but a professional? (not if you base it on my income) many of us, if you hadn’t noticed, are not in this for the money and fame. This is a therapy for our friends, family, extended audience, our perceived enemies and above all therapy for ourselves, as all else flows forward from self. Until the government fully supports creative arts properly, in all sectors (during a pandemic or not) citizens will be wide open to foreign state interference and the toxic tip of disinformation.     
I used to joke twenty years ago that the local Job Center should make “Job Seeker Records” due to the fact all the musicians I knew were either signing on or had to keep a day job to support their artistic calling. DJs were lucky to get twenty quid from a gig, often paying to play when organizing their own events, independently and paying to release their music with little hope of commercial success, exclusive dubplate culture among DJ’s was not for profit. Those who were fortunate to get signed with an advance, equal to the money earned from a regular 9-5 job, were not viable in their home town and enticed to the largest city nearby, or London. In the 1990s I witnessed successful people moving away from their nests to larger cities where the action, the work and the money are at. This sad fact seems wrong-headed and would be unnecessary if local support were provided. The consolidation of industries under the neoliberal surge in the 1990s is responsible for driving creative talent away from where it is currently required most, home. 

If big tech and government and the music industry wanted to solve this they’d create a local infrastructure to support/fund creative arts, business with the same effort and pride with which they support the international finance sector, the arms manufacture sector. Yes, artists and creative industries need the money to pay rent and eat and survive, yet at the same time, we could all benefit from a new relationship between the arts and commerce, where the state and its corporate backers come together to support a decentralized and rotational network of independent artists, capable of being seen and heard equally with market giants like Ed Sheeran…without having to resort to Apple Google Facebook Amazon and Spotify for all their distribution and licensing. 

Most but not all artists and creatives I know are left-leaning, it comes with the territory of open sincere exploration and experiment, the opposite of absolute conclusive conservatism. I get the sense that the current hard-right conservative government in the UK enjoys bashing the left and creative arts culture, an excuse to underfund, look away and inflict intentional suffering. This is nothing new since the 1960s and 1970s the Tories have attacked the liberal arts, working-class creative culture and generally they supported massive corporate takeovers and consolidation of the music business industry (Labour too), up to its current domination by the five big tech companies and two or three major labels.

Every artist I know has questioned and fought for independence, probably with more passion in the early days, “we’re never gonna’ sell-out or play that pants commercial shit” type attitudes. Then they get married, have a family and play in a Ted Nuget cover band at retirement homes. I’m not judging, but there remains an underground, experimental, abstract…in it for the sheer exhilaration of making it new every time, authenticity in great art and artists. The attitude and life of Thelonious Monk as opposed to Jeff Bezos, to make a stark contrast. 

I’ve two suggestions, start-up local “Job Seeker Records” imprints, modelled as if you were funded by the state. (See Scarfolk Council for examples)  Demonstrate how much future creativity lies dormant and untapped. My second suggestion is more on a personal level, try to support people in their early artistic endeavours and experiments, encourage the following of one’s intuition in combination with healthy research, study and practice. As many great musicians and artists repeat, music is a therapy for them, the process is part of the journey, the destination unknown and when the voyage is over when you find yourself with your creation, is only a part of the creative process. To campaign for keeping governments, the recording industry and finance rotational and decentralized should not be exclusive with leftwing politics, but the progressive movement toward an equal humane society of self-owning ones, united in a common process of sharing resources, intelligence, imagination and beneficial tools worldwide.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has brought us all into a world that musicians have been familiar with for decades, the recession of bands, labels and funding, tours, independent venues, and markets due to consolidation by big tech and the major labels. IF…artists had thriving and viable systems based on the Bandcamp model for example, in conjunction with grants and support from the multiple billions in profits generated by the likes of Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and their shareholders, they could thrive and create freely without having to worry about paying rent, eating and/or paying medical bills and health expenses. These would be first world benefits of living in Great Britain, America, and some of the other richest most technologically advanced societies on earth, and most importantly the artistic productions would be subsidized to become freely available for everybody on earth!

Yes, art and music should be FREE, FREEDOM! But only with the support and subsidy provided by the state and corporations taking the cream off the top and giving very little back. Universal Basic Income would already cover the immediate challenges to most of the people I’m concerned about here, it has a similar result, not starving and having the means for self-therapy that can be shared with others, a win-win in any caring society. This new vision I’m riffing on (dreaming about) would also benefit a nation’s identity and status on the world stage, bringing altruism, equality and balance to a nation’s entertainment-media ecology. Instead of the Euro-Vision song contest, we need something more like the Eurovision–who supported the most artists to create the most songs, which in turn created the most shared revenue and employment for that nation–competition? 

Local bands and local folk music, experimental non-commercial music must have an equal footing in the mediasphere with Justin Beiber, Lady Gaga and Kanye West. The audience can still choose to tune into whatever they wish, but they feel warm in their hearts that the creative arts are open and seductive as a viable career for some, a form of therapy and community for others. Either way, it is subsidized, so no need to second guess. To trust that taxes and all working communities everywhere are happy to support the arts in equal measure with the rest of the economy, ballooning with finance, arms manufacture and pharmaceutical trade. Those who claim that funding the military and army and navy is more important than the arts do not understand or do not want to understand the current battlespace of disinformation warfare. Art and creative industries like gaming have been hijacked from creative artists and weaponized to support populist hard-right movements, see Pepe the frog, Trump 2016 and the Vote Leave campaigns for appropriation of art in service of anything but support for artists. 

Imagine if Banksy were foreign secretary, Stephen Fry Prime Minister, Brian Cox and Roger Penrose as education ministers, Jamie Oliver as Health minister, Gary Lineker as minister for sport, James O’ Brien as minister for communications. Why not? They’re arguable the best at managing those domains. 

How have people ended up voting for the dullest most blatant liars and cheats, while going further than not supporting artists and creatives, attacking them and joining the hard right in stereotyping them as the enemy in their vulture culture warfare.    

I’d like to continue this thought with the hope of refining some points and counter-arguments.

–Steve Fly (29/10/2020)


Thursday, June 4, 2020

How The CIA learned to rock by Jeet Heer (excerpt)

Tsog update in the words of Jeet Heer, bravo. Bang on.

James Jesus Angleton, chief of CIA counterintelligence from 1954 to 1975, was nicknamed “the Poet.” Before he was a spy, he had literary aspirations. As an undergraduate at Yale, he wrote verse and, more impressively, coedited the literary journal Furioso, which published poets like E.E. Cummings, Ezra Pound, and William Carlos Williams.
Angleton was an aesthete turned tormentor. The two facets of his personality were combined in disturbing ways. His literary sensibility was nurtured on the close reading taught by the New Criticism, with William Empson’s classic Seven Types of Ambiguity (1930) being an especially formative influence. Empson taught Angleton that no line of poetry had just one meaning, that the job of the reader was to squeeze out every ambiguity and hidden implication. Angleton notoriously applied this methodology to the interrogation of Soviet defectors, never taking them at face value but constantly pressuring them to reveal their covert intentions, always postulating that they might be double agents, and sometimes torturing them.
Strange as it may seem, Angleton’s use of high modernism for spycraft was hardly unique. The CIA in its first few decades was led by Ivy League eggheads. Angelton’s protégé Cord Meyer often hired literary critics from The Kenyon Review, an organ of the New Criticism, to work as spies.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Steve Fly On Brexit - Live Poetry At Outspoken

Coronavirus Conspiracies - #CoronaMoron #Xenophobia

“Never underestimate the stupidity of people in large groups”

It is man-made in lab

It is man-made in

It is man-made

It is man -

It is



No matter where you are on earth, I sincerely wish you good luck with tackling this new virus, and that you can help work together with everybody else in defeating it, slowing the spread, flattening the curve, keeping a two-meter distance between each other, not to overcrowd or stress the already...stressed medical services.

Sadly, yes... I’m sure you've seen and heard the tsunami of conspiracy theories based around the novel coronavirus. I’m usually in a more playful mood to tackle these difficult issues, with luck, bringing clarity to the situation, while at the same time defining my thoughts and educated guesses, and exploring my prejudice. Excuse me while I hold my nose and swim in the sewage and report back.

I noticed that groups who previously held particular beliefs modified and updated them to now feature Covid 19. A new reason to hate foreigners or to connect and love your neighbours. One example is the far-right Italian politician Matteo Salvini, who was quick to point the finger at immigrants, missing the fact it was religious tourists (if you were to make a sweeping generalization) who were, statistically, responsible for the rapid spread in Italy. Two of his own bodyguards were reported to be infected with the virus.

If I were to examine myself, I can track a similar train of thought but following my thoughts to the Conservative Party and their VoteLeave campaign and Brexit...existing systems of beliefs. I have constructed models over the last four years from which I can now build my conspiracy theory. And I admit it, it’s a theory, right. One example involves alt-right Pound shop Machiavelli Dominic Cummings, the brains behind both VoteLeave and Herd Immunity. Millions of people have raised huge concerns about Boris Johnson’s Chief advisor who, like American far-right one-time advisor to Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, leaves a trail of destruction, lies and disinformation only topped by Putin himself. How this disinformation compares with that of China must be evaluated by that great Disinfo-meter you have in your shed! A hell of a lot of liars on the world stage, let’s settle at that. So who do we trust? Stephen Fry, James O’Brien or other reliable upstanding Brits, capable of listing this giant ball of dung? No, many slouch toward Farage and those very scoundrels who sold you the lies that now, have increased the probability that you or your friends or your family could die as a result.

My own guess at a conspiracy, if I were to be so stupid as to use that term these days, or my series of not too well known guesses, goes like this: the third week in November 2019 a novel coronavirus jumped from either a bat or pangolin, or chimera of the two, to humans, probably due to the horrific conditions found at exotic meat-markets in the Wuhan district of China. The Chinese authorities, like most but not all across the planet in 2019, acted slowly and in secrecy at first, shutting down whistleblowers and any who tried to spread the news about how dangerous this new strain is, or any dissenters. Right here...I ask myself if it would have broken out in a disgusting meat-processing plant in Britain how would the response have been? Far far worse in my opinion, based on Brexit, the 2019 UK general election and the current foggy moggy guidelines Cumming, out of number 10.

….to continue, by February, Dominic Cummings has done his sickly sordid homework and consulted his network of suicide-germ-bombers (possibly including his Russian and American equivalents) and is fully prepared to propose Herd Immunity strategy to the Tory party and only the Tory party. Unwilling to share ANYTHING with other scientists, health professionals, data analysts, security analysts, MI5? 6? Either way, his Herd Immunity was taken as the policy for weeks and weeks, and arguably, right there, his work is done. That’s the conspiracy. My best guess, from a UK perspective, of the probable conspiracy to cull the population of Britain. Just like America. There is one man at the epicenter, his name is Dominic Cumings. May future generations never forget this man, and how he was let into power over the realm and how he may have single-handedly murdered somebody you knew. Okay. As you were.

A Chinese telecommunications giant, Hwaiwai, has been in the news long before Covid-19 adding to any existing Xenophobia and racism, in Britain. I repeat...existing racism and Xenophobia. Together with the proposed introduction of 5G networks across Britain and the world over the last three years or so, has come a gaggle of conspiracies. Many of which are pushed by popular mouth-pieces, now legendary for their big claims and little scientific criticism, both of the material and themselves. The alt-right and some other outliers, have already got behind such spurious claims like 5G networks send out frequencies that mess with your cells and immune system. Nonsense as far as I can tell, but a vacuum of nonsense where many fear to tread, and where the alt-right recruit the gullible and angry and nasty to do their bidding to stay stupid.

What is the alt-left conspiracy? The WHO and the UN and the E.U and NATO and Russia and China? Soros? Corbyn? Every and any major power structure that is not, alt-right or under control of the far-right...is to blame. Soros and Hilary and the Democrats and Bernie and Corbyn and...Macron? Merkel? How many power structures and deep-state forces? How many are wrestling for battle space supremacy now? Complexity and chaos upon the complex and disorder. Who are you? Are you equipped to reach a meaningful conclusion? And me? Here we are, each and every one of us trying to unravel world history and the cause and effect and the blame and emotions fight, to suppress suspended judgement and the urge to act.

The same liars and morons who sold Brexit and VoteLeave have sold Herd Immunity too. Many of those currently grazing, based on scenes around Dudley...are sadly going to physically feel the effect of their lack of critical thinking and that old nugget, common sense. The anger and frustration is in the fact that many others will suffer and die due to this thick-as-two-short-planks approach championed by the Vote Leave campaign.

That same Xenophobia and racism is still alive and kicking, quickly mutating hate faster than the virus itself, switching to projecting their own insecurity to Asians and those communist Chinese. Some of the stupid and nasty alt-right “I’m all right Jack” “Take back control” morons in the UK are adopting the blame China gang. With a degrading flurry of conspiracies that point the finger at any and all who are not them, the 5G conspiracies and the Wuhan bio-weapon conspiracies, and then the deep-state model that fits their view of the world. The Russians did it, the Chinese did it, the Americans did it. Each of these conspiracies disregards the fact that the virus, most probably, jumped from animals to humans in late November 2019. I guess the reason is in part anthropocentric, putting MAN at the centre of all things. Joining the fundamentalist religious people in blind-faith, unable to come up with a design science solution, or take on board the probability that nobody, no group, is IN CONTROL. Uncertainty rules okay.

People in the UK spitting at Police and Doctors, and purposefully spreading this virus, they are the same right-wing hooligans who have been fucking up the country for years. They must be stopped, quickly. NO left-leaning political activist or Labour-supporting activist I know would ever SPIT at somebody to give them a life-threatening virus and help spread it. This suicidal approach is the domain of the alt-right, from my experience with the psychology of these selfish morons, together with pushing fake news and computer-viruses and other tools of chaos and disruption, thinking that they are “sticking it to the elites” when really they are sticking it to their own grandparents and perhaps the whole family, who knows?

I do not know either, these are my educated guesses. I’ll get back to poetry and prose rich in happy optimistic thoughts now I have got some of this gunk off my chest. I sincerely hope this does not end up like the purge, however, I can bet you that in the UK and the USA some but not all news outlets will cover stories as if it were.

The far-right alt-right elements, and all political extremism and ideological racism need to be considered a top priority by any government interested in its future. These people and their toxic ideology need to be quarantined indefinitely, the safety and future of all humanity depend on it. Emergency services across the world need to be prepared for such a violent outbreak and have detention centres equipped to deal with these lunatics separately to others who may have caused disturbances or broken curfew rules but are not CRAZY enough as wanting to infect everybody, based on the Cumings/Bannon Herd Immunity strategy.

How do you tell them apart? Mostly male, between ages 30 and 50, have a potbelly, balding and have tattoos and/or football tattoos, speak in paraphrases from the Daily Mail and The Sun newspapers. Have a tendency to wear baseball hats and flat caps, often items of Stone Island clothing, or Louis Vitton, may wear black sunglasses of the small “data from star-trek” variety. Shouting “take back control” “we’ll be okay, the spirit of the blitz.” I’ve rolled up all my own prejudice and translated them into non-scientific observations based upon my own experiences. No science here. This is my prejudice on show. 

Naked, I stand before you. This is my conspiracy theory, my best-educated guess. What's your's? Weapons lab in China....what?  Usually, and most of my days I write and play music and make music and share music and art...my best guesses lead me to invest time in creating light and sweetness and beauty in the face of ugliness and pessimism and anger, leading to hate...you know how it goes.

Forgive my prejudice and give me the strength to forgive any of those I deem responsible.
I love you all, just not equally, and some of that love I hope makes some of you feel uncomfortable in your skin knowing you let it sit dormant, my love can come with fierce blessings.

"Glove all the people"
"Don't stand so close to me"
"Nazi punks fuck off"


Saturday, December 28, 2019

How to Live Eleven Days in 24 Hours by Robert Anton Wilson

How to Live Eleven Days in 24 Hours
by Robert Anton Wilson

Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

For about a year now, I have dated all my letters with my own no-bias multi-cultural calendar. Of course, I know a multi-cultural chronology seems very Politically Correct, but don't let that shock you. I happen to agree with the P.C. cult about many things. In fact, I only differ with them in not liking their intolerance, their fascist tactics, their introduction of Maoist brainwashing to our groves of Academe, and their utter lack of humor or ordinary common sense. Aside from those issues, I almost approve the P.C. agenda.

Actually, I started using a single non-Western calendar back in 1969-71 when working on Illuminatus with Bob Shea. I had realized that the Gregorian calendar, the standard Occidental system, dates everything from the alleged birth of a comic-book super-hero I regarded as fictitious. He supposedly had a virgin for mother, a pigeon for father, and cured the blind by throwing dirt in their eyes. You can see why I had doubts.

But dating everything, a la Pope Gregory, not only subliminally conditions to us to the mythology of the Vatican, but also divides written history artificially in the middle, creating a certain off- kilter view of how things actually transpired since neolithic times.

For instance, in the Gregorian calendar, the first Egyptian dynasty began c. 3400 "B.C.", the founding of Rome 509 "B.C." and the nomination of the boar hog Pigasus for President of the U.S. in 1968 "A.D." To try to escape the Papist trap here by writing "B.C.E.," before the Common Era, and "C.E.,"the Common Era," doesn't really help much. We still remain stuck in the Romish reality tunnel.

Even worse side effects of the Gregorian calendar arise when you try to sense the time span covered in the dates just mentioned. It requires hard thinking, a historical imagination and even, for those as close to senility as myself, possible paper and pencil work. In the Illuminati calendar, however, these events fall into place in a single timeline: Egypt's first dynasty begins around 600 A.L., the founding of Rome 3491 A.L. and the apotheosis of Pigasus 5968 A.L. (A.L., as in Masonry, means Anno Lumina—year of light.) Fill in a few more dates—Hassan I Sabbah illuminated 5092 A.L., Native Americans discover Columbus 5492 A.L., U.S. Declaration of Independence 5776 A.L., Noble Drew Ali born 5886 A.L.—and history begins to make sense as a single orderly sequence, not bent in the middle.

The Illuminati chronology (year one A.L. or 4000 BCE Gregorian) begins with the birth of Hung Mung, the ancient Chaoist (pre-Taoist), Chinese philosopher who answered all questions by shouting loudly, "I don't know! I don't know!" Thus, this system begins with a date around the first dawnings of civilization and writing, and allows us to see all history as a single sequence, not interrupted by an artificial minus- to-plus changeover to commemorate the god of a single weird cult.

As I say, I worked all this out, including the five seasons of the Illuminati year, back in 5969/5971 A.L.—just as "the sixties" died under the clubs and tear gas of the Nixon counter-revolution. Only c. 5992 A.L. after discovering Noble Drew Ali and the Moorish Science Temple, did I realize that any one calendar, even my own lovely Illuminati chronolog, imposes a single order on a complex system, and thereby has reductionist and almost totalitarian implications, at least subliminally. I therefore have switched to a multi-cultural system which, I dare to think, adequately represent what historian Crane Brinton called the growing multanimity (as distinguished from unanimity) of Spaceship Earth today.

For instance, in my multicultural calendars the date on which I began writing this article looks as shown below :
Poundian—19 Artemis, 72 p.s. U.
Thelemic—19 September, Anno XC
'Pataphysical—12 Absolu, 122 E.P.
French Revolutionary—Le Travail, 202
Islamic—12 Rabi-2, 1373 A.H.
Gregorian—19 September 1994 C.E.
Erisian—43 Bureaucracy, 3178 y.C.
Chinese—15th day of the 8th month, Year of the Dog 4692
Mayan—6 Reed, 5106
Hebrew—14 Tishri, 5755 A.M.
Illuminati—43 Beamtenherrschaft, 5994 A.L.
A few quick, and valuable lessons, immediately leap out of this chronolog .
First of all, the much touted "Millenium" only appears close in some calendars, and remains e.g. 245 years off in the Hebrew, 798 years away in the 'Pataphysical, etc.

Second, when I called this system mine I did not intend to brag, but to indicate personal limitations and emic realities: many alternatives can exist, at the preference of the user. You can drop the Chinese and Mayan, if you want, or add the Tibetan and Aztec, etc. Personally, I would love to include Wiccan and Druidic dating systems, if somebody would find them or create them.
A few additional words of explanation:

The Poundian calendar, designed by Ezra Pound, attempts to define the post-Christian era and dates everything from 31 October 1921 (Gregorian)—the date Joyce wrote the last words of Ulysses.[*] (The "p.s.U." means post scriptum Ulysses, "after the writing of Ulysses.") I November 1921, accordingly, becomes 1 Hephaistos in the year 1 p.s.U. The year has 6 male months for the solar phallic male gods (Hephaistos, Zeus, Saturn, Hermes, Mars, Phoebus, i.e. in Gregorian, November, December, January, February, March and April) and 6 female months for the lunar female goddesses (Kupris, Juno, Athene, Hestia, Artemis, Demeter i.e. in Gregorian May, June, July, August September and October.) In this system, we have progressed 72 years into the post-Christian epoch and will soon enter the 73rd.

For those who have other ideas about when the post-Christian era began, the Thelemic calendar dates everything from 1904 Gregorian, when Aleister Crowley received, or conceived The Book of the Law. That makes this the year 90, which like all years gets written Latin style by Thelemites—Anno XC. For some reason, Crowley did not rename the months, so I keep the Gregorian month names here.

As a multiculturalist, I play no favorites. In one sense, we have evolved 72 years beyond the Christ cult, and in another sense we have evolved 90 years. As Sri Syadasti said, "All systems are true in some sense, false in some sense, meaningless in some sense, true and false in some sense, true and meaningless in some sense, false and meaningless in some sense, and true and false and meaningless in some sense." A secret Illuminati teaching holds that if you repeat that 666 times, you will achieve Total Illumintaion, in some sense.

For those who agree that we have entered the 'Pataphysical Era, I include the 'Pataphysical calendar, starting from Alfted Jarry's birth on 8 September 1873. (He shares the 8 September birthday with the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Catholic mythos and Molly Bloom in the Joycean mythos. 'Pataphysically that "coincidence" must mean something.) Thus every 'Pataphysical year begins on Jarry's birthday, renamed 1 Absolu, and proceeds through 13 months of 29 days each (Absolu, Maha, As, Sable, Decervelage, Gueles, Pedale, Clinamen, Palotin, Merdre, Gidouille, Tatane and Phalle.) Since each week has seven days and each month four weeks, and 7 x 4 = 28, we have one extra day each month. We call these days "imaginary" by analogy with imaginary numbers. Every month starts on a Sunday, which simplifies the system and ensures that the 13th will always fall on a Friday. As UFO sightings, UFO abductions, poltergeists, Bigfoot encounters and falls of fish and frogs get reported more and more often, many may find the 'Pataphysical calendar the most plausible of all. As Jarry said, all other sciences deal with generalization, but 'Pataphysics deals only with the exceptional.

The French Revolutionary calendar dates everything from 1792 Gregorian, and as I write this amid the five Sansculotides or feast days (Les Vertus, Le Genie, Le Travail, L'Opinion and Les Recompenses, i.e. Virtues, Genius, Labor, Blather and Wages. No month name gets used. In three days (22 September) the month of Vendemaire, in the year 203 begins, followed by Brumaire, Frimaire, Nivose, Pluvose, Ventose, Germinal, Floreal, Prairial, Messidor, Thermidor and Frustidor. (i.e. Vintage, Fog, Sleet, Snow, Rain, Wind, Sprouts, Flowers, Pasture, Harvest, Heat, Fruit—a good description of a year in Paris).

The Islamic calendar begins with the flight of the prophet (hejira) in the year 4621 A.L. (621 Gregorian). A.H. means after the Hejira, the usual abbreviation used by Muslims writing in English; this year thus becomes 1373 A.H. You can look up the months in any encyclopedia. I don't intend to do all the work for you, and if I did, this article would run longer than the editors want.

You already know the Gregorian calendar. It gets drummed into our heads in our allegedly "secular" "public" schools and everybody in our society who holds power—banks, corporations, even governments—uses it. My system intends to break the conditioning/hypnosis created by this artificial uniformity.

The Erisian calendar, which we owe to the sublime genius of Malclypse the Younger, dates events from 2816 A.L. (1184 BCE, Gregorain), the year of the Original Snub. If you don't know about the Original Snub, go thou and read Mal's Principia Discordia, from Loompanics Unlimited in Port Townsend, Washington, wherein you will find the Snub, together with the Golden Apple, the Trojan War, and everything else in the universe, explained once and for all. Each year has five seasons, representing the five degrees of SNAFU imposed upon us by the Original Snub—Chaos, Discord, Confusion, Bureaucracy and International Relations. That gives us 73 days to each season, which equals one Chockmah day in Cabala. Herein the Wise and Subtle will find a profound secret hidden, if they can Know, and Dare, and Will and Keep Silence. Every fourth year, of course, we run into that damned extra day that also perplexes the Gregorians. We Erisians call it St. Tibb's Day, since everybody now agrees that St. Tibb never existed.

The Chinese calendar makes more sense than any of the others, but I find it too complex to explain in full. You look it up, eh? Meanwhile, rest satisfied that we now live in the year 4692, and you don't have to worry about any damned Millenium for another 308 years.

I find the Mayan calendar even more perplexing, but keep it on my letters because I like the names of the days: Crocadile, Night, Snake, Deer, Jade, Monkey, Reed, Eagle, Thought, Storm, Wind, Net, Death, Rabbit, Dog, Tooth, Jaguar, Wax, Knife, Hunter. Sort of sounds like my last acid trip. This year counts as 5106 of this cycle, but numerous cycles roll on and on and do not necessarily end in 2012 Gregorian, whatever you may have heard; that may just mark the opening of another mega-cycle.

You can look up the Hebrew dating system for yourself, too. Really, do you think you can learn anything important without personal effort?

The Illuminati years you already know. The five seasons have the names Verwirrung, Zweitracht, Unordnung, Beamtennherrwschaft and Realpolitik, each 73 days long. Like the Gregorians and Erisians, we thus have an extra day dangling loose every four years. We call it Heiligefliegendekindersheissetag, and it has rituals that beat all hell out of Saint Tibb's Day.

The beauty of this multicultural system, to me, resides in its total lack of allegience to any one emic reality, and in its conditioning the users to think in comparative realities. Thus, to most Americans, December 25 means Christ-mass and even the atheists feel dragged into the Reality Grid of the Romish cult. But on my multiple calendar system, the same date appears in many guises—as 25 Zeus, 72 p.s.U. or as 25 December Anno XC or as 25 Sable 122 E.P. or as 5 Nivose, 203, or as 22 Rajab, 1373 A.H. or as 67 International Relations, 3178 y.C., or as the 22nd day of the 11th month, 4692, or as 11 Dog, 5106, , or as 23 Teves 5755 A.M., or as 67 Realpolitik, 5994 A.L. You have a wide choice of what to celebrate. Why not celebrate all of them? But don't go driving afterwards.

I want to thank Hakim Bey, James Koehnline, Gregory Hill and John ver der Does for help with parts of this multi-calendar. If anybody finds any mistakes, please notify me at once. Of course, my basic motive in trying to popularize this system lies in the hope that some people will use it and get cured of asking, "But which is the real date?" Then they might start to see the fallacy of all questions in that form, and we will achieve a large part of the goals of General Semantics, Erisianism, Deconstructionism and Buddhism. Some may even understand why no form of "is" or "be" appears anywhere in this article.

* Pound had his 36th birthday on that date also. You can't expect an egomaniac, even one as generous as Ez, to leave himself entirely out of the dating of the New Age.

Transcribed by Kelsung Productions



Monday, February 19, 2018

John Perry Barlow - The Bucky Fuller And The Rumi Of Internet R.I.P

It is no exaggeration to say that major parts of the Internet we all know and love today exist and thrive because of Barlow’s vision and leadership. He always saw the Internet as a fundamental place of freedom, where voices long silenced can find an audience and people can connect with others regardless of physical distance.--EFF


5 Lessons that John Barlow Taught the World

This week, Grateful Dead lyricist and digital rights activist, John Perry Barlow passed away. Although we mourn the loss of a great visionary, we will forever remember his lessons of free speech, personal growth, and marketing tactics.
Here are five lessons we learned from the digital rights activist.

1. Freedom of Speech is important

Barlow believed that the world should be a place that “all may enter without privilege or prejudice accorded by race, economic power, military force, or station of birth… a world where anyone, anywhere may express his or her beliefs, no matter how singular, without fear of being coerced into silence or conformity.”
This is probably due to Barlow’s humble lifestyle on a cattle ranch. Here the idea of being free and having a wide-open space for oneself developed.
Barlow was an advocate for net neutrality and believed that the internet was where people could speak openly, having that wide open space as he did on the ranch.
As he himself said, “there is a lot of room to define yourself. You can literally make yourself up.”

2. People appreciate familiarity

Barlow was not only passionate about self-development through the internet, but believed that putting one’s digital goods out there for the world to see and hear was the best marketing strategy.
As the lyricist for the Grateful Dead rock band, Barlow developed a marketing strategy in which he let people bootleg the Grateful Dead’s concerts so people became more familiar and would flock to the music they learned to love.
He believed that the secret to marketing was in the availability and familiarity of the product.

3. Live freely and without fear

In 1990, Barlow took a stance against the government and created the non-profit organization Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).
Here, he fought against the government for individual’s freedom of speech and personal liberties.
He believed that people should have the opportunity to express themselves freely and that the internet was a great place for this purpose. It was because of this that he went to every measure to do so.

4. Security matters

Although Barlow strongly believed in the internet and all the good the internet had to offer, he was not blind to the darkness of the internet.
He believed that people needed to have secure communication methods. He therefore provided, as part of the EFF, security measures through tips, tools, how-tos, tutorials, and software for safer online communications.

5. Stand up for what you believe in

Barlow believed in an open internet, a free internet, and he held that belief until he died. He took a stand against the government and authorities for what he thought was right.It is through Barlow’s strength and stance with the government that today we have the safety, security, and free music and movies to listen and watch.
Today, as he can no longer do so, we must take the stance for ourselves and stand up for what we believe, just like he taught us to do.
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