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A short e-mail exchange with Bob, erly 2002.

A short e-mail exchange with Bob 2002

By fly

Subject: Re: Email Interview?
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2002, 11:10:54-0800

I recently saw you perform at the learning Annex in San Francisco, Great show, i had fun. You mentioned that you would consider doing an interview by e.mail, so here's a few questions i propose for you:

Have you played Buckminster Fuller's world game

-Yes. I consider it the greatest teaching tool
since the alphabet.

Could you explain a little bit about your holographic

-No. I'm struggling to write a whole book about
that right now and can't imagine how to
condense it. Besides, it's the hardest
part of my work to translate...
I'll give you two related samples from the Illuminatus
and see what you
can make of them: "They shall come to gno gods."
"They shall come to gnu godz."

When was the last time you did yoga?

-This morning, 6 a.m.

What similarities do you see between Christian and
fundamentalist government?

-They both seem obsessed with anxiety at the
thought that somebody somewhere might be having a good
time. They both
have a lack of tolerance similar to CSICOP.

Where was the last place you happened to notice Ishtar

-On the bookshelf with my other books.

Who's your favourite female superhero?

-Special agent Clarice Starling.

Is Timothy Leary dead?

-No more so than Einstein or Beethoven.

What does Anthony Hopkins and the date 23rd December
2001 have in

-That's starling's 36th birthday.

Are the Farben works still entact?

-They are not only endure, they prevail.

Who are some of your favourite other Guerrilla

-Andre Breton, William Burroughs, George Herriman.

Can you give a list of items for our emergency
survival suitcase please?

-Cannabis seeds, Finnegans Wake, one

Thankyou, and best of luck with the new book T.S.O.G!
DJ Fly Agaric 23.

'Constitutions are utterly worthless to restrain the
tyranny of governments, unless it be understood that
the people will by force compell the
government to remain within constitutional limits.
Practically speaking, no government knows any limits
to its power except the endurance of the people.
--Lysander Spooner, Trial by Jury

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