Monday, January 11, 2010

Kurt Vonnegut, Robert Anton Wilson, James Brown, Alice Coltrane R.I.P

My favorite music and writing
So honor em' how? damn words to start off with?
Build statues and make plaques, do something?
Plant trees, label meteorites, craters, texts, new species
And new scientific principles after them'?

A great big love up, a big up to em' Cheers friends!
Omnipotent Everyware and Nowhere:
Great thoughts dispersing like cotton seeds...
Representatives and word sound sculptors

Way Post Modern like
Past Post structuralist
Encyclopedic orchestrators of vast museums of alternative culture
How to fit it all in or how to get it out?

Huge Galactic Archives of good Word
And good sense, I think, but distinguished difference,
Together in a blog

Word deployed to the new world
Disorder before spring, uprising voices "phoneme magic"
Everywhere whispering like the wind, the beat the beat
Earth culture highlights in 5 Cherry stones, 5 lives lived

5 piles of books, 5 glasses of water, incense, lights
"Absent without leave" where,
Where are their thoughts right now (11/01/10)
A scented leaf blowing in the greening spring wind
Where does it go, where do they go?

Becoming their complete "Unabridged" selves,
Bound as word, as writers, musicians knotted all up together
Entering their own "WORLD" their own realms, constellations,
Their recorded legacy still plays back!

A full blooming, all together NOW! again
Read them, read them, process thoughts, listen and look
Cast seeds east/west north/south, open your mouth

Sing songs of Wilson, Baudrillard, Vonnegut, Brown, Coltrane
Most potent Quintet
Their birth/death dates now sealed on wikipedia.
Their calendars sealed, but without end of correspondences,
Without end in the shared e-journal space

Messages from space, inner/outer and between
And the numerous other worlds Among
Boundless stars,
Death has become the ultimate absurd

Death, the opposite end of the
Resurrection ritual, of life, only through media
Can death survive
LOOK between the lines
These are vehicles, blueprints, ships and portals

"The solid Newtonian universe involving such immutable concepts as mass, force, momentum, and inertia has long been repealed. The dull, dependable, predictable general motors universe has been transformed into shimmering quantum electronic possibilities. It seems that it all comes down to programs, information, and rhythms - endlessly complexifying with unpredictable results. In other words John Coltrane. - Timothy Leary and R.U Sirius, Design for dying, pub. Thorsons 1997.

In a similar way that any serious 21st Century musician and DJ alike would be familiar with the incalculable contributions James Brown has made to modern culture, any serious writer, or blogger of the 21st Century would be familiar with the contributions Robert Anton Wilson, Jean Baudrillard and Kurt Vonnegut have made to humanity.

James Brown has been popularized by many people worldwide as the Godfather of Soul, and so to make fun, Wilson might deserve a corresponding title such as the Godfather of God. Jean the Godfather of Hyperreality. Vonnegut the Godfather of narrative. Alice Coltrane the Godmother of Ambient. They are like Gods to me. So i'll praise em'. How to pay tribute.

Visualize them cruising through limitless spaceless spaceless spaceless that they all helped shape, riffing off each other riffing, entangling words and strings, spinning, dancing, shouting. Melting into their life's work completed, a full 'good" life. This time around. Full of life, recordings and recordings, encapsulated for another eternity, still around in living minds through common playback devices. Tune in with a Wishing wand.

Alice playing that sensual sweet mystical nectar, washing the wall with tie dyed patterns, coming from her grand piano. Jean sits in the shadows next to a claret stage at the bar" talking with BOB and his beloved wife Arlen a tale of Joyce and the Gorillas of Paris, singing in sharp Haiku bursts of light, fountains of oriental glossolalia. Bob lights a joint and the hills come alive. Everyone's relaxed and cheerful, sunshines through a stunning great glass window, rooms awash with lemon.

Soon a wind breathes a thousand brogues, streaming out of a translinguistic goo forming on the white marble flooring, goo that speaks. Kurt mimes each one with each crease in his face, old Buddhas laughing a Buddha belly laugh. James singing with a chorus of his angel divas, like another take of the classic Gospel scene from the Blues Brothers, Hot piercing screams like firebirds building up and up, Alice escorting the mouthful of air until release.

Then everybody sits back a moment and nods to the music. Smiles radiate all around the room through the smoke, the whole scene is a hologram. Playing backwards and forwards in a torrent of sound light and soul and "Word"

Timequake, John Coltrane: Infinity,
The Third Coming, Ishtar Rising, Divine Song,
Reality, À l'ombre des majorités silencieuses

The Sex Magicians, Sex Machine
I got the feelin' Everything's Under Control
Sex and Drugs, Ain't it funky,
Down to Earth, Wilhelm Reich in Hell,
Transcendence, L'échange symbolique et la mort
Right Where You Are Sitting Now, Hot pants,
Papa's Got a Band new Bag
The Trick Top Hat, The Illuminati Papers

Breakfast of Champions, The Popcorn, Pass the Peas,
The Golden Apple, The Homing Pigeon, Cat's Cradle
World Galaxy, The Sirens of Titan, I'm real,
The Gulf War Did Not Take Place

Think, Astral Meditations, Mind power, L'échange impossible
Quantum Psychology, The Elements, Slaughterhouse-Five
Coincidance, Licking Stick

Email to the Universe, Universal Consciousness,
Journey in Satchidananda, Galápagos,
Reflection on Creation and Space, Cool Memories V
My Life after Death, Simulacres et simulation
Reality Is What You Can Get Away With,

The Conspiracy of Art
Grits and soul
The Universe Next Door

Kurt Vonnegut (November 29 1922 – 11 april 2007)
Jean Baudrillard (July 29, 1929 – March 6, 2007)
Robert Anton Wilson (January 18, 1932 – January 11, 2007)
James Brown (May 3, 1933 – December 25, 2006)
Alice Coltrane (August 27, 1937 – January 12, 2007)

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